Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hurray! I won an "Honorable Mention "award in an art show.I entered a soft sculpture doll,titled "Butterfly Painter".She's in a gallery right now.

I hope someone buys her.I need the money to buy more toys.Just the bare essentials,fabric,yarn,book,magazines and candy.

I'm working on crochet circles.I think there is a design for a cool tote bag,floating around in my head.I'll get that out later.Crocheting is so relaxing.I even do it at red lights.I think Im going to finally get up the nerve to follow a pattern.Now,if only I could pick one.

Here is my latest painting.It is also in a gallery.It is called "Rose"

This painting was inspired by my love of gardening.I was feeling sad,that I did'nt have a garden this year and my last roses have become a victim of the dreaded"Black Spot"disease.Maybe next year....hmmm.

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