Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Not To Wear

I had to share this with you. Do you remember MC Hammer's famous Hammer time pants ?
Check out these.
I didn't intend on getting this harem pants look. They were suppose to be a stylish pair of wide leg pants. Oh where ,oh where did I go wrong ? Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Feel free to laugh along with me. While you are chuckling, give me your thoughts on what went wrong and save someone else's fabric from the same fate.

The pattern is Vogue 8131. The fabric is stretch twill suiting. I know I will not make these again.LOL

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blazing White Blazer

    I know its a little late for a white blazer, according to some of the old rules, (no white after Labor day) of which I don't really follow. I have been wanting a white blazer since the beginning of summer and I was asked to make one for a good friend's mother. After hers was completed I started on mine.   
    That was back in July. I finally finished it. This is the pattern I used. It is out of print but very basic.
   I shortened it by about 8 inches for a more updated look and changed the pocket style to copy a jacket I snooped at JCPenny. Two rows of 1/4 in. elastic draw in a widened top,(widen the top 1in. on each side) gives a gathered look.
I wore it all day and it passed the wear test. I was comfortable and my DH thought I bought it.

    Please excuse the wrinkles. This picture was taken after a full day. The fabric is spring suiting which has a raised texture. You can better see it on the pocket picture. It is fully lined.
   My adjustments were for my full bust. I also shortened the sleeves even though they are rolled right now. When my sleeve are down,they are the perfect length.
    I think its a good fit and will be made again with a different pocket style or some other design change.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Two-Indecision

   The book features a nice patchwork throw and a variety of artwork featuring birds.
I began working on cutting some fabric squares and 2 1/2 inch squares for my own patchwork throw. I got some of the dark prints done before my DH began sending me on errands. Here the progress.

Later on this evening I attended my artist meeting,which is something I haven't done since the holidays season. I talked with some of the other artist about how life gets in the way of creating. It felt good to know that other artist go through the same thing and their remedies for this problem.
I remembered that the book featured all those little bird prints art pieces. I wanted the project to be sewing related. I haven't completely come up with a plan but I'm getting ideas. I think I will be using this rubber stamp in the project.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project - Number One

  The first project this week is a very simple one. It was inspired by a beautiful picture from the book ,of a table setting,for a tea party. I've don't often sew items for my home and always felt it was a bit under decorated.
   The ultimate plan is to have a nice setting for my own tea party.

I gathered my tools. I used my 14in square ruler. It was just the right size to cut 6 exact squares of linen.

I machine embroidered those linen squares.


I choose a backing fabric from the stash. I've had this piece of cotton for years.

  I serge the embroidered linen square to the backing square,wrong sides together,all the way around, pressed,and now I have a set of six napkins for my tea party. ( I took a picture showing four,so that I could get this posted).
I'm off to gather supplies for the next project.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

What's next?

    I love books. I really love sewing books and have a very pleasing collection of them. I buy them,browse through them, dream of all the things I would create from them and then put them on the shelf or some place in my sewing room,perhaps never to be seen again.No projects,no nothing.This is an endless cycle and maybe kinda wasteful.
    This weekend I spent some time looking through my wonderful books and decided I would start with one book and do at least four project from it. This is the one I choose.

                                                               TILDA'S STUDIO
    It is filled with beautiful pictures that inspire me. I will do a post, each day this week. Yes,me the "queen of once a year posting",will post each day this week, on my progress.
    My sewing room is clean and ready for action. I'm going through the stash  and choosing the first project tonight. I'm excited.
    Do you have a collection of sewing/craft books from which you've never done a project ?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Damn...Almost a year later.

What must you think of me? No post for 11 months. What to do,what to do?  Ask for forgiveness and start anew. While I don't want to get into too much detail ,on the world wide web,my life has been a pretty crappy roller coaster ride lately. Too many loops that make you want to throw up. There were moments at the top,and then a drop to the bottom. It was a thrill and the wind was in my hair,but in the end ,you stop and get off. Ride over. But..you still have tickets...so you get in line for another ride.
Each day is a new opportunity to do better than I did yesterday.
I'm wearing a skirt that I made about 5 years ago. I don't remember the pattern number but I'm sure that it out of print. It has 4 panels and an elastic waist. The fabric is a cotton border print from Walmart. I feel confident and happy in this outfit. It is comfortable and cool. That is a major point during a 97 degree day.