Monday, September 10, 2012

Project - Number One

  The first project this week is a very simple one. It was inspired by a beautiful picture from the book ,of a table setting,for a tea party. I've don't often sew items for my home and always felt it was a bit under decorated.
   The ultimate plan is to have a nice setting for my own tea party.

I gathered my tools. I used my 14in square ruler. It was just the right size to cut 6 exact squares of linen.

I machine embroidered those linen squares.


I choose a backing fabric from the stash. I've had this piece of cotton for years.

  I serge the embroidered linen square to the backing square,wrong sides together,all the way around, pressed,and now I have a set of six napkins for my tea party. ( I took a picture showing four,so that I could get this posted).
I'm off to gather supplies for the next project.


Faye Lewis said...

What a nice idea! I really like them.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a cute set of napkins! And what a great idea to make several projects from your sewing book collection.