Sunday, September 09, 2012

What's next?

    I love books. I really love sewing books and have a very pleasing collection of them. I buy them,browse through them, dream of all the things I would create from them and then put them on the shelf or some place in my sewing room,perhaps never to be seen again.No projects,no nothing.This is an endless cycle and maybe kinda wasteful.
    This weekend I spent some time looking through my wonderful books and decided I would start with one book and do at least four project from it. This is the one I choose.

                                                               TILDA'S STUDIO
    It is filled with beautiful pictures that inspire me. I will do a post, each day this week. Yes,me the "queen of once a year posting",will post each day this week, on my progress.
    My sewing room is clean and ready for action. I'm going through the stash  and choosing the first project tonight. I'm excited.
    Do you have a collection of sewing/craft books from which you've never done a project ?

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Faye Lewis said...

Sure do!