Saturday, December 30, 2006

Adventures Of The Amazing Pants

I'm currently working on a pair of "Amazing Pants".I call them amazing,because the will be the first pair of pants I will sew,that have a perfect fit.I'm participating in a sew-a-long with a few of the fluffy babes at PR.You can check it out at .I'm using Simplicity4068 ,view B. Check that out here.

I made a muslin out of some hideous fabric that was donated to me by a friend.(I'm not ungrateful and she was the first to admit that it was hideous).I selected the size to make by my waist measurement.I cut that size and made them as is and tried them on.Here are the results.
As you can see from all the vertical folds that the fit is too big.Also the waist is too big.The crazy part is,I have made pants in the past that fit like this with an elastic waist, and wore them in public. I will Never do that again.So off I go,back to the cutting board.I am armed with two issues of Threads magazine,featuring pant fitting articles,coffee,scissors,pins,time and determination.

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