Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Steam-A-Seam Tutorial

I think tutorials are so helpful and I've learned a lot from many others by reading theirs . So I thought I'd try6 and give back by sharing a little joy of mine called Steam-A-Seam.I use it often but most recently in a shirt yoke application. Steam-A-Seam (I will refer to this as SAS) is a fusible tape that doesn't gum up your machine needle and it doesn't add unneeded thickness to your fabric.I was making a cotton shirt using McCalls 5587 which has a yoke in back.This is the method I use.

Here's my first tutorial I hope it's helpful..This makes yoke application and top stitching a breeze.First tear of a strip of SAS and apply the sticky side down to inside shoulder seam allowance which has been press and trimmed to 3/4 inches.

Peel away the paper,exposing the fusible webbing.
Apply the folded,webbed edge of the yoke facing to the shoulder seam and outer yoke.
Press with steam and do not move the fabric until it is cool.

Now you are ready top stitch without the worry of slipping layers. I use a blind hem foot to give me straight top stitching.Simply butt the edge of the seam to the lip of the foot and sew.I hope this picture is clear enough to see that the white plastic in my foot is touching the raised edge of the seam. Adjust the foot to the distance of your choice to sew from the edge.I like 1/8 and 3/8. The result is 2 parallel rows of top stitching and a joined yoke in fewer and faster steps than the usual method of hand stitching.It looks equally as nice inside as well.
I also use SAS to attach patch pockets.I respect the art of couture hand stitching but most of the time my sewing time is limited and I need great clothes fast. Try it you'll like it.I finished this shirt and a second this past weekend. I have to sew on the buttons and then I'll post photos.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial! Ohmygosh...I love it when everyone shares what they know!!!!

Tamara said...

I really could have used this tip putting together a dress I made recently. Thank you so much for the reminder. I am going to save your post so that I will have it the next time I am doing something like this.

coolobreeze said...

This is a WONDERFUL tutorial. I am going to try this. Thanks!

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

This is very helpful. I come from the old school of sewing but like you, my time is limited. I'll have to give this product a try.


Mary Beth said...

My Goodness! I found your blog from comments you've left at Carolyn's blog (cmarie12) diaryofasewingfanatic. It's good to see you again after all this time. I remember enjoying your comments and projects you shared at PR a few years ago. So, Hello!

Faye Lewis said...

GREAT tutorial! I'd like to thank you too. I know I'll be using this info. Congrats again on your promotion.