Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fabric Store Tourist

I have returned home to after spending a month in Detroit with my parents. During that time I went to a fabric store in Royal Oak called Haberman Fabrics.
It was feast for the eyes the minute you walk in. They are masters at merchandising.
this is the center display. There were sample garment all over the store. They have beautiful fabrics and fine notions. I love the quotes on the wall. I touched and felt almost everything.

I know you are wondering what I bought and I must tell you ...THIS PLACE IS EXPENSIVE !! I didn't buy any fabric. No, I am not a cheapskate and I understand everything about quality fabric and notions,but I just couldn't do it. I did buy a Burda magazine.(yawn)
If you are in Michigan,you must check out this store but make sure you take the BIG purse.


Melodye said...

Some stores are for buying, some are for inspiration. I'm sure you got plenty of inspiration!

Julia said...

Looks like paradise, that is until you mentioned the high prices.

Faye Lewis said...

Was it another Gail's?

Lisa H. said...

It much higher than Gails.

Faye Lewis said...

Next project - a pot holder (lol)!

Anonymous said...

The blue cape and the A-line suit in the middle picture are fabulous. Did they provide pattern information on the samples?

Anonymous said...

I sent Haberman and email inquiring about the cape and suit. This is what they said:

The cape is 100% cashmere double cloth @ $89.98/yd. in Vogue 8674, view C. The wool woven tweed suit jacket is $24.98/yd in Butterick 5535, altered to shorten and round collar. The skirt is Butterick 4136.

Unfurled said...

I've found that it's better for me to make a muslin, get the pattern exactly right, then spend more $ on fabric so it's a really high quality garment. So I say, go for it girls!

sewsy said...

Hi Lisa. I'm a sewer and a native Detroiter.
Yep, Haberman's is expensive, but Tobe (Haberman) runs sales all the time. Check out the website for more info.
Also, next time you hit town, try and get out to Fabric Gallery in Williamston, MI. It's about twenty minutes east of Lansing. Beautiful fabrics there, too.
Oh yes! Fabrications fabrics in Richland, MI is another good one to check out. I've not been to the store, but I've purchased at the Novi Sewing Expo and online.