Saturday, July 07, 2007

Great Saturday

I found all my specialty feet and their uses at this site. You are right,Cidell.Thank you.
Looks like there will be some artistic sewing in my future.

I went to my LYS(local yarn shop) today,for a sit and stitch session.I had a wonderful time.There were seven other knitters,all more advanced than me.This month marks one year since I learn how to knit.One of the other knitters has been knitting for one year and has made 2 sweaters,12 scarfs,6 handbags,4 baby blankets,2 pair of socks and a prayer shawl.She also spins and dyes her own yarn.My year of knitting produced 2 scarves (I finished the one pictured below,today.) and the nightmare sweater.
Here are some of the dolls I've been sewing.There are works in progress,not finished yet.Featured here are the twins,a queen bee,lady bug,butterfly,and dragonfly.All the bugs have hand painted faces and the twins have a bit of embroidery lips and noses.I'll be selling these dolls during the Summer Artist's Market. hope they sell.I could use some $$ for fabric and the new fall patterns.


KimT said...

ok, i am blown away by that other knitter! Wow, I have been knitting for a while and am just attempting my 2nd adult garment! The first one was a miss!

I love the dolls. Can't wait to see them all finished up.

PAJNSTL said...

One day soon I plan to start making some things to sell at one of the local markets in my town. Hope they sell, Nothing like extra pocket change!