Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Progress Report

I have been a bad blogger.I apologize for not posting for such a long period.I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs.I wonder how others manage to update daily and give so much detail on a regular basis? I really need better time management skills.
Here is what I've been up to.I'm still working on my SWAP items.I've finished 3 more pieces.One dress,a top and a skirt.I didn't have any problems with the skirt and top,but,the dress was a nightmare.It sent me into a panic because of fitting problems.I did a full bust alteration on this pattern.This was the first time ever.

I used the top part of the sleeveless dress pictured on this pattern.The problem was that after I re-drew the pattern cutting lines,I neglected to adjust the wrap placement markings and the "V" was at the top of my neck and the shoulders were pulling forward.I was rushing and did not try it on until I completed was almost completed.I used the bottom part of this Vogue pattern view B.(the purple dress)
I added to the sides and made it way too big.Never sew when you are tired or sleepy ! I had to take the dress apart and almost start from the beginning.After a good night's sleep,started again.I know my dress doesn't look anything like either pattern but I think it turned out OK.I'll post pictures later.
I've been working on a bunch of dolls for an upcoming arts & craft market,as well paintings for my show in September.I have ten dolls in different stages toward completion at this time.I have three paintings going on at once.
So you can see why,I need "time management skills".I've been told to "choose one thing and stick with it"but I won't.I love to sew,paint and make dolls(it combines sewing and painting).
Well,it is late and I'm sleepy.I'll post a few pictures tomorrow.


KimT said...

glad you are back. I had just started reading your blog after the 6-3-07 post. I don't think you need time management skills. Sounds like you have a good full life. Blog when you can! I will be reading. Looking forward to pictures of the dress.

Faye Lewis said...

Lisa, I was wondering what you had been up to, now I know - very busy as usual? Loved your flea market find, and can't wait to see your new dress! I've been very busy too so not much sewing has been going on. I got a new job and resigned my Macon job all in one week and then took a week long vacation to upstate New York. Started the new job here in Warner Robins on Monday so no more working at night, except to fill in until they find my replacement for my night position which shouldn't take too long. You've even picked up a new hobby (knitting). I know how you feel about finding a knitting buddy. I feel that way about a sewing buddy. I'm always open for a conversation when I'm in the fabric stores. Not stalking, but I've been hoping to run into you at Hancocks and probably will one day. Also can't wait to see your 3 new pieces of your Swap. Happy crafting! Linda

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love how you took two separate patterns and combined them into one very pretty dress. Wow! I need to try more of this!

As for blogging I write my posts as I am sewing the outfit. That way I don't have to remember details when I sit down to write the post. Unless of course I am ranting and then my fingers seem to have a mind of their own! :)