Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dress Blues

Tuesday,I had the joy of spending the day sewing,while my DH was at work and DD was in school. I finished this dress. More and more I'm finding,that making a muslin should be a required part of all my sewing. It would probably save me a lot of frustration.
Here is my version with the following changes.
1.I did a FBA and I not really sure about how to do that properly on this type of top.
2.After finding the FBA left the top still to scanty,I added solid color additional fabric for
more coverage.
3.I closed up the deep cut v,again more coverage.
4.Eliminated the back zipper.
I'm still not happy with it.Can you see how wonky that neckline looks and the gaping at the armhole.I think I'm going to scrap this and try it again at a later date.If you have any tips please share. I'm going to check some of my fitting books for bedtime reading tonight.
Here is the back view. Back to the cutting board.


Sheila said...

Oh nooo, sorry about your project, but the fabric and style looks good on you. What if you took in the shoulder seam, which would lessen the gaping armhole and neckline.

Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful dress and style. Loving the fabric. Figure this one out so you can teach me how to fill in the gap.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I am a seamstress who alters ALOT of clothing.Try taking up the shoulders a bit.Take up more towards the outside of the shoulder since you have slopong shoulders.That will help the strap lay flat on your shoulder.The back lies well, you might try just taking apart the shoulder seam and pinning up the FRONT only.As in....just shorten the front to get rid of that gaping and make it lie flat. Underarm...Take it in and ease back out to the original seam at the waist, that looks like it fits well.I am small but busty and ALWAYS have to take in the underarms of the sleeveless blouses I buy....

artist1lisa said...

Thank you all.I will try those tips and post the results.