Friday, January 09, 2009

Color and Style Project

One of my resolutions this year is to sew only colors that flatter me.Some years ago,when I thought I wanted to become a hairstylist,I was attending cosmetology school and took an additional class on color analysis. This class was built on the premise that every woman's has a certain group of colors that are perfect for her base on undertones of her skin,hair and eye color.There were four groups of colors classes by seasons-Winter,Spring,Summer and Fall.
That was back in the early 90s.
In the last few month I've been studying up on the newest version of fashion color analysis (it's much more detailed and has more than four groups).Yesterday I had my first client,my friend,Ebony. Ebony's style is bold and dramatic.After her color/style analysis, we went through her fabric stash and removed all pieces that were not her colors or current style. She was very happy to see that her stash is now full of pieces that are totally Ebony's style. She even encouraged me to offer this service as part of my sewing classes.I like that idea. I regret that I didn't think to take before and after pictures. More on that later.

Here's my current project.I want to copy this outfit.
I'm using McCall's 5471 for my shirt.
I've already finished the pants using Simplicity 2700.
I've got my shirt cut and ready to sew.I hope to finish this by Sunday.I love weekends.


Amy said...

Are you planning on making your shirt with a stripe like the above outfit? I love the way the stripes look and the pattern you've got picked out is perfect. Hope to see your complete outfit soon.

Lisa H. said...

Hi Amy.Yes,the shirt fabric has stripes and the pants have are grey pinstripe.

Faye Lewis said...

I can't wait to see the completed outfit either. I need to make that shirt again...didn't like the one I did before. Great post! keep them coming.

Tanya said...

Sounds like a winner, can't wait to see the FO. I love weekends too but I'm finding that I only want to sew, I don't want to go anywhere but it is winter so I guess that's okay. Happy Sewing

ebbyj said...

I love weekends too and I also love the outfit. It is so you and I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of your shirt - well - the whole outfit really. I know it will be sharp to match the new do.

Lesalicious said...

Can't wait to see how your outfit turns out, I know you will do great with it. Good luck.:)