Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I enjoyed the holidays,but I glad everything has calmed.Now I can update and catch up with my blog friends.
I did not totally abandon sewing,during the holidays.I went to Detroit for Thanksgiving,so that required a new jacket.I used my TNT, McCall 5485 again (see this post).This time I used fleece from Hancock Fabrics.No pattern changed or adjustment were needed and sewing it up was a breeze. It been great for the current weather conditions in Georgia.Last year,I made a few resolutions pertaining to sewing and I kept all but one,the last one. I think I have enjoyed sewing more than ever because of these small changes.It is a pleasure to pull several outfit from my closet that fit well and coordinate with several other outfits.
I learned tailoring techniques and fitting on this suit.
and this jacket.
I completed my first and only Burda pattern.

I reduced my fabric and pattern stash which made it easier to move smoothly from one project to the next and made more available space in my sewing room.

The one resolution that I did not keep, was to use a technique from every month's issue of Threads magazine.I didn't buy every issue,because there seems to be a lot of repetition in the articles.

My new 2009 sewing resolutions are:

1.Keep my sewing blog updated-no more month long absences.

2.Keep basic supplies on hand.-interfacing,variety of thread,twill tape,etc.

3.Use only colors that are the most flattering on me.

4.Work to make my sewing classes extraordinary.

5.Plan a sewing retreat.

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving encouragement,advice and laughing with me over my sewing boo-boos,thoughout 2008.


Lesalicious said...

I loved alot of all your sewing projects you done for 2008 so bring it on for 2009. You do great work. Good luck on your resolution I have plenty myself. Happy New Years.:)

Sewuptight said...

You sewed a Burda pattern? I am so scared to take the plunge. How was the experience?

Cennetta said...

Fabulous, Girl! You made some beautiful garment last year. Looking forward to seeing your inspiring 2009 wardrobe.
Happy New Year!

Melodye said...

I love the jacket. It was also nice revisiting your sewn items from last year. Keep up the good work. Don't forget to post retreat details on your blog. You may get lots of takers. My daugher lives in Atlanta, enough of reason for a road trip!

Omega said...

Happy New Year! I really enjoyed viewing your projects from last year, you made some very nice things. Very inspiring.

ebbyj said...

Your got quite a lot accomplished this past year. I am excited to see what is to come in 2009.

alethia said...

I am happy to see that you are back. You accomplished a lot last year. I am looking forward to see your fabulous creations.

Faye Lewis said...

I loved your 2008 projects (as you know I copied more than one of them). You have some real interesting 2009 goals that I am glad to know I will be a part of!

Angelia said...

I just saw Faye's fleece coat. They both look awesome. I love fleece!
Your white suit is amazing! It looks like you accomplished alot last year!

I LOVE your resolution for a sewing retreat!!! I want to add that one to my list!