Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Fat Failure

This top is a big fat failure.
 I'm sure there was nothing wrong with the pattern(Simplicity 2283).
The instructions were just fine. The parts lined up well.The fabric was good. I simply messed it up. Look at that neckline.     I tried to add embroidery and screwed up the placement and if that wasn't enough the embroidery messed up the pleating around the neckline. Even if hadn't done disastrous design,this sleeve style give me a linebacker look.  I thought about using to sleep in,but I want to improve that area of my wardrobe too and that would be a step backward. I will have to trash it.

   I did have some success with my other project. I had another quilting class on Friday morning/afternoon and made this block. We made four of these to put together as a wall hanging. I didn't put mine together because I decided to make more blocks and make a larger quilt for a bed. This block is called "Orion's Star".

 I didn't do much else this weekend but work and relax after.
 I'm still trying to decide my garment for my "6 Piece Autumn Wardrobe". I wear a uniform to work,so any wardrobe would be casual and suitable for my usual social activities,dinners,shopping,movies, art galleries,craft gatherings and festivals.
  I am sure denim will be a part of it. I leaning toward tan and burgandy as the color scheme. I need to choose a jacket pattern,3 tops and 2 pairs of pants. Decisions,decisions,decisions.
  I started an excercise and healthy eating program today,but don't worry I won't be talking about it much. I just thought ,if I put I out there,I may stick to it. I'm am sick of needing to make so many adjustments in my sewing. I haven't set a pound goal. Right now,I just want my blood pressure and cholesteral levels to go down. Health first,vanity second.


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

What a bummer. Any chance you're going to be in Michigan for the Sewing Expo at the end of the month?

Lisa H. said...

I hope to be able to go. Try not to miss it.

Joyce in NC said...

Sorry about the shirt not working for you. Lisa, do you have the info on matching large print designs? Best Wishes