Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Report

I work in retail, so I don't get every weekend off. This past weekend I was off. I had big beautiful visions of sewing and finishing projects already in the works.
Well,let me tell you,I didn't get any sewing done other than in the quilting class I attended.

I went to a really nice class taught by Dianne L.Dye .The class was wonderful! I learn the techniques used to make this block and good tips for better quilting.
 I'm new to quilting and have become hooked(well of course,it is sewing). Dianne is a fun instructor and her website has videos classes and more. Check her out.
After class was over,I went to sweet little store called Magical Stitches. I'd add their link but something is wrong with their web site at the moment. They have cotton fabrics,embroidery programs,sewing books,notions,Babylock machines and plenty of classes. I bought this book,by Kari Mecca.
I don't have any little girls to sew for. My own"little girl"is 16 years old and only wants store bought clothes. I miss doing ruffles,adding bright ribbons and lace to little frocks. Come to think of it,I don't know when I'll use this book but, I like it.

Lastly I joined Artisan Square . I need more motivation in my sewing life, and they have some interesting challenges and discussions. I hope I can keep up. I entered the "6 Piece Autumn Collection"sew-a-long,also know as the "6 PAC".

Well,that's it for now


Anonymous said...

You'll love Artisan's Square. It's a great site with some excellent sewist!

alethia said...

Be careful, quilting can become addictive and wonderful.

Faye Lewis said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

ebbyj said...

Nothing like a new quilt . In my mind I have about five planned. I sew so fast in my mind!