Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sewing Supplies from Wal-mart

   Recently  a  friend of mine,visited my sewing room. She looked around and said,"You have a lot of sewing stuff. How can it be so much fun if it take so much equipment?" You may have guessed by now that she does not sew and does not have any hobbies.
   I think all hobbies have cool stuffed to buy and use in our enjoyment of our chosen interest. We may not need the stuff but usually it make things more fun,easier or helps us use our time more efficiently.
  After she left. I got an idea for a post. I have a few useful items I use during the sewing process that I'd like to share with you.
This is a small snack tray which I use for hand sewing tasks. It can commonly be found next to me while I watch TV in the den or bedroom. I keep small scissors,seam ripper,glasses,etc.,in it. I bought this from Wal-mart.
This is a picnic utensil carrier also found at Wal-mart. It can be found at the end of my cutting table,filled with the pattern of the day,a small notebook,trim,scissors and drink bottle.

I don't know what its called but it is used to hold floral stems in the bottom of floral arrangements. I keep sharp items point end down. It is heavy and won't tip over and I don't prick my fingers grabbing that seam ripper or needle nose tweezers. Wal-mart again.

This acrylic document holder,commonly used to hold documents upright,while entering data by keyboard. I use it to hold books open,hold pattern instruction sheets or inspiration pictures. This came from Staples,office supply store.

This is a bowl of beanie piggies. They hold things down,like paper,pattern pieces and smaller bits of fabric, that blow around when I turn on my fan. The bowl was yard sale find and the piggies came from Wal-mart.

This is an hour glass for those occasions when I have limited time to sew. Most importantly it helps me pull away from Pinterest. We know how hard that can be. It came from Books-a-Million, bookstore
     I hope this has been useful to you.


Faye Lewis said...

I like you am always looking for containers or other handy things to keep up with stuff, organize and make sewing easier. I completely understand the use of all your things.

Melodye said...

The thing you keep your sharp items is called a frog. Good idea for a post!

Audrey said...

I love your creative every-day solutions to common problems we all face. Thanks for sharing!

ebbyj said...

I always love to see the tools that sewers use!

Sheila said...

Nifty tools for your sewing paraphernalia. I like to keep the coffee cans and use them in my sewing room.

Cathie of Buckle Supplier said...

You are organized and creative. I guess someone could organize any area of their life with some creativity by taking ideas from you or at least thinking like you.