Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I've Been Up To

   I've been away for a bit again. I get really focused on major projects and try to give it my all.
I recently participated in my very first holiday bazaar. In preparation for the bazaar,I worked on craft items for the last month and a half. I still didn't enough items to make my table look full,but it was my first time and I made it through with a few sales and a small profit. It felt good to know, that someone likes your work enough,to shell out their money for it. I made tote bags,art dolls,embroidered aprons,pillows,towels and journal covers. I had fun, reached a goal,and gained a ton of knowledge.
                                                       Here is a picture of my table.

Now I'm on to the next thing. I need clothes! It has been a struggle putting together outfit for my daily activities. Today I went out in sweats and I don't mean the cute kind. I'm talking about the stuff worn in a boxing gym. That is a slippery slope my friends. So I rushed home and started going thru my patterns with determination. I will have a new outfit this week.
     I choose a pattern, did some pin fitting,and alter the pattern as needed. I got it cut out and marked today.

                                             Here is the pattern (Simplicity 2151) and the fabric.

The fabric is navy blue with white polka-dots. I'm making view A with sleeves from another pattern featuring cuffs. I'm excited.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You're table looked nice. You made some really cute things! I like the pattern and fabric you choose for the blouse - can't wait to see it finished!

Busy Bee said...

Your table is awesome I know it felt good to have others honor your work. I know what you mean sis about having no clothes. I made a resolve with myself to create what I need until I finish my diet journey. Your fabric is awesome cant wait to see the finished product.