Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another "Threads Magazine"Adventure

This adventure features the March 2007 issue of Threads magazine.The article I choose to test this time is found on page 53-55.It called,"It's a Wrap:Custom-covered Belts".This article teaches covering belts and buckles.
I decided to do this one because I needed something to give my new handbag a little zing.I wanted something fast and I did'nt want to buy any new supplies.The supplies listed for this project were all on hand already.It needed to be fast because,I foolishly decided to challenge my Mom to a race in handbag making.I have challenge my Mom in craft making,before and she CREAMED me.However it is fun and I love to see what she comes up with.

Anyway,back to the project.I grabbed one of my DD old belts and went to work.I follow the instrutions to the letter,changing only one thing.I did not do the handstitching underneath the buckle as suggested.Instead I used a zipper foot and sewed close to the buckle and then frayed the edges.(I thought it would be artsy)

The only thing I found dis-pleasing about the article is that there were no phote of eyelets and the method to make them professional looking.
Here's is the one sentence concerning this matter"To make an eyelet,punch a hole in the belt using an awl,then hand sew around the hole using a buttonhole stitch."After testing this on another scrap of the newly created fabric covered belt,I found my stitches were extremly hideous.I ended up using the circle stitch on my machine.I only punched a hole in the eyelet I'd be using to connect the buckle.The other two are decorative(even if they are slightly crooked).
This is the completed bag.I plan to carry my knitting,I made special inside pocket for knitting needles,Ipod,phone and cash.It is very roomy.Perfect for my creative adventures.On to the next adventure.


cidell said...

ohmigosh. how cute is that??

Faye Lewis said...

Lisa I can't believe you are so talented!!! Its great to see your creations. I love the bag and you are a great inspiration!!

Linda said...

What a neat idea to put a belt around the bag. It gives it that extra pow. I am going to have to take a second look at some of the things laying around my house from now on.

Sewuptight said...

Oooh, this bag is sooo adorable. (I've been reading your whole blog. I love it. Very inspiring.)