Sunday, May 20, 2007

Slinky Dress Photos at Last

Please forgive me for not posting anything last week.I've had some crazy problems with my computer.Everything is OK...I think.Here are the pictures of the slinky knit dresses I promised.I finally got my DD to play photographer for me.

I made the flowered one first,then the sleeveless one.I haven't worn either out and about yet.I have some reservation about showing my upper arms.However,it is getting really hot as the season moves toward summer.I think I may need to "get over it".


Melody said...

Lisa, Your dresses are fabulous! Great job.

Elaray said...

I love both dresses. I know what you mean about showing your arms though. And my arms might be the thinest part of my body. I've decided this might be the summer I actually show my shoulders!

Faye Lewis said...

Your site is one the ones that I check often for sewing inspiration! Thanks for sharing...your dresses look great.