Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Tagging

I've been tagged by Cennetta.She so nice. So here goes.

1.What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was a stressed,depressed,mess. I worked as a Drill Instructor in a prison boot camp program and part time as an aerobic instructor.I was the first female drill instructor in a male prison,so I had to be really cold,hard and mean.The problem was,that behavior also flooded over into my personal life. I'm sure you can imagine the problems that cause if you've ever been around a "controlling psycho b----".I didn't sew very often.I didn't do a lot of anything but complain and blame.
To make along story short,I didn't like how I was,so I prayed,and changed.Thanks to GOD.

2. What are 5 things on my "To Do List"today?

Prayer and meditation
Cut out muslin for my coat.
Write plan for a sewing class,I'm planning to teach.
Bring fabric,which is hidden in the truck of my car,into the house.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

3.Snacks I enjoy?

Nacho Cheese Doritos
Buttery popcorn
Lemon Heads candy

4.What would I do if I became a Billionaire?

Quit my job.
Move into dream home with ultimate dream sewing studio(Yes,I would still sew).
Move my Mom and Dad into their dream house in a great location of their choice.
Give gifts to family and friends.

5.Places I have lived?

Born and raised in Detroit,Michigan
Ft Dix New,Jersey-US Army
Ft Lee,Virginia-US Army
Ft Bliss Texas-US Army
Stuttgart,Germany-Us Army
Ft Stewart,Georgia-Us Army
St Petersburg,Florida
Macon,Georgia-currently living and loving it.

6.What type of work have I done ?

US Army Soldier
Hair Stylist
Stand Up Comedian
Drill Instructor in prison boot camp
Aerobic Instructor
Sales Associate
Mary Kay Rep
Alterations Specialist in a menswear store
Sewing and Alteration business owner
President of Middle Georgia Art Association
Home Decor Consultant
Fabric store supervisor

7.Five people I would like to know more about?

Ebony-A Needle For My Thoughts
Amerykah-Sewl Sister #1
Melody-Crazed Sewer
Alethia-Kassmin's Creations
Angie-Jemima Bean


Cennetta said...

Wow! It's amazing to read about all the places you've lived and jobs held. Thank you for responding to the challenge.

Faye Lewis said...

I'll be bearing a gift of lemon heads one day soon (lol)! You are such an interesting person with an extensive background!

narcissaqtpie said...

Magician!?! lol!! I admire the strength in those tough enough to work in the prison system I'm glad you're out of it though, because you're sewing!