Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sew In The City

The adventure begins with with 4 "sewing scissor sisters ",some cash,a free Saturday and 3 fabric stores.
These "sewing scissor sisters",connected not by blood but by sewing thread,hopped into Ebony's "sewmobile"and rolled to the enchanted kingdom called "Atlanta"in search of precious woven treasures.
The first destination was Hancock Fabrics in Morrow,GA. The sisters were greeted by the delightful store manager,Bobby,now referred to as,"Sir Bobby the Duke of Hancock".
This store is newly remodeled an Sir Bobby gave us a grand tour.In this picture he is not smiling but,he is very charming and he can sew! The doll in the display case are wearing his creations.
Here are some model garments.The next stop was,Gail K.Fabrics in Atlanta,GA. This store was filled from floor almost to the ceiling with gorgeous fabric,trim and buttons.Check out more pictures of the inside of the store at Faye's blog .I was temporarily under the spell of fabric euphoria and didn't take more picture inside.

Here is Ebony in a deep fabric induced trance.

Here we are with our treasure.

Next we headed to Joanns Fabric in Fayetteville,GA. to make good use of our 50% off coupons and gather more treasure.I didn't take pictures(low battery),but I wish I could.This fabric store is wonderful.Clean,well lighted and fully stocked.
After Joann's we grabbed some delicious junk food and headed back to our own kingdoms...I mean "queendoms"and sewed happily ever after. Totally not the end.


Debbie Cook said...

How much fun was THAT!! I think I would faint in Gail K's.

Sheila said...

Glad to hear you had a fab time.. and you ladies scored some lovely fabric.

Faye Lewis said...

You are a good writer. Such mystical pose, but such a true story. As always I really enjoyed myself, thanks for allowing me to be one of the bunch!