Sunday, September 05, 2010

Day 4 - Mean Jeans

Sometimes ,I make a garment that I think is just the “cat’s meow” after I try it on,a few minute after it comes f the sewing machine. Truth is ,I should remember that everything has to be wear tested. Only then, can I truly give it a rating .
These jeans are a good example of what I’m talking about. When I first tied them on.they fit beautifully .The only issue I had was the waist was a little too high.(above the navel). I could deal with that because ,I never wear my tops tucked in.However as the day wore on these jeans began to betray me. The waistband grew at least two sizes. The crotch and butt dropped down ( picture the old plumber sag).
Believe it or not I will make another pair. Next time I will make them tighter or perhaps not use denim with spandex.
I used McCalls 5894 The pattern instruction guides you to a fly front zipper being placed on the wrong side. It also seems to run large. Otherwise it’s a great pattern. I embroidered the back pockets using an Anita Goodesigns,Designer Roses II.


MiaLiA said...

You're absolutely right about testing your work. I can't tell you how many store-bought I've ruined trying to "jazz them up" by chopping them up or bedazzling them.

The jeans look great, by the way. I love the fabric and the pocket appliques!

Debbie Cook said...

Two words: Twill tape! Run them through the washer and then sew some twill tape into the waist and crotch seam allowances. This will stop any stretching out. They fit really great, esp. from behind so I think they're worth saving.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You can always call these your wearable muslins...and fix the next pair to be just right! I'm loving the embroidery on the back pocket!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

You may not like them but they look great on you. BTW did you pick up your award from my site??

Faye Lewis said...

I tried to comment a moment ago, and I think it got lost in cyberspace. Your jeans look FAB. I know how it feels to wear growing pants to work. Feels miserable. Can't wait to see your next pair.

Mary said...

Good lookin' jeans! Put them in the washer on hot and then sew on twill tape as Debbie suggested.