Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giveaway Winner

The "Plus-size Pattern Pyramid Givaway" winner has been pulled. All contestants names were placed in a sewing basket. I blindfolded my daughter and she pulled out the name of the winner, but first a little information. Beajay ask about which pattern I choose for myself. Here is what I choose, from the lovely selection she sent to me. I hope to attack the dress before this month is over.
This is what I added to the selection.
A sweet blogger friend,Tanya of Eating Pins made a generous donation to the pile also.These arrived Monday.
So without further ado. THE WINNER IS:

Chris Lucas of


BeaJay said...

Can't wait to see the dress done by you. I still have this pattern in my stash. I accidently ordered it when it was already ordered (does anyone else do that. So glad Chris won. She is new to blogging and I love reading her progress. Some great patterns added too.

Thanks Lisa.

Chris Lucas said...

Oh Lisa how exciting... I can't believe I won! You truly made my day! Big thank you to you and your daughter too for picking out my name and to the lovely BeaJay as she's the reason I got to discover your blog, meet a new online sewing friend and become one of the lucky Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid winners YEH!

I hope these patterns enjoy their international holiday all the over to Australia and can't wait to see who the next lucky winner will be and where these patterns travel to next :)

Thank you again and big virtual hugs from me to you xx

Anonymous said...

Nice Looking Pattern Pyramid you had here! Congratulations to Chris!! I look forward to seeing what pattern you pull and make! :) I havn't started my Pattern Pyramid make yet. But, my draw is going to be this coming Monday for the winner!

prttynpnk said...

I'm with Beajay! I can't wait to see your take on that dress- that will be gorgeous!