Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was great.My entire weekend was great.
Friday afternoon, I recieved fabric which I ordered on Tuesday night from Fashionista Fabrics . Is that fast service or what ! Melody is the owner of this wonderful fabric store and she is a delight. I got the latest Burda Plus Magazine also. Melody,you were right.Thank again.
Saturday,I spent quite a bit of quality time with my sewing machine,working on this skirt.
and this top(the blue wrap).
I'm still working on the skirt.I finished the top and here it is. I need help. As you can see,the shoulders are hanging off and the back neckline stands away and doesn't lay flat against my upper back. This is the first time I've had this kind of fitting issue. I was thinking about making a seam in the center back to take up the slack. Please share your ideas on how to fix this and avoid it in the future. I like this style and would make it again.
Sunday,I got B-day gifts and warm wishes. A new dressform is on it's way. Most of my friends know I'm working on my wardrobe and being the sweeties they are,they gave me accessories. Shoes, belts,fabric and jewelry. I spent the day relaxing and in joyeous reflection on the blessing of wonderful people in my life. That also includes my blogging friends.Love ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Birthday - first time to your blog and I see you are working on at least two things I'm considering!

I got the same Burda Plus magazine and am wondering about one of the dresses and the coat. AND I looked at that Sandra Betzina jacket and thought about it too. I have some nice lighter stretch denim that might work?

Anyway, happy birthday and good luck with the projects. I'll check on your progress later - and let you know if I have any more success!


Faye Lewis said...

Glad to see that you got the picture of your top put up. I kept looking. I actually thought you were making the other top from the pattern. I'm thinking to adjust the pattern- cut the shoulder wider for the front and back sections at the neck edge. OR since the back is cut on the fold make the necessary adjustment at the neck edge of the back on the fold - if that makes any sense, that just might eliminate the gap at the back neck edge as well as make the adjustment where it is hanging at the shoulder area. Let me know what you think.

I'm eagar to see what others have to say too,

So Sew Lost said...

happy be-lated birthday fellow Aquarian.( mine is the 18th)

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday. The skirt pattern is very nice. Looking forward to your FO. I hope you were able to fix your top.

Cennetta said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I haven't been able to read as many blogs lately. Glad you enjoy your special day.

Anonymous said...

I think for the brown Simplicity top you could go down 1 size in the shoulder and bust areas, tapering out to your hip size if you need to. It also seems like you could take a bit off the shoulder width, this would bring the sleeve-head closer to your shoulder point.
I have the same pattern and did a full bust adjustment, maybe I didn't need to. I will do a muslin first before I cut into my precious fabric. Good that you posted this so that I could see how it looks without adjustment.(My Adjustments)