Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Spring Looks

When it's cold and rainy outside I cuddle up to computer and browse the new spring patterns.Here are the ones I plan on buying.This one is top on the list. This is second but I'll make it first because I've already got the fabric for it.
I've seen the anorak in every fashion magazine this month.Oprah is wearing one on the cover of "O" this month.
I love these pants but I'm a little concerned about how they may look on my body.I have no waist and plenty of belly.Hmmm.

You know it going to be a good fashion season when,you like all the views on your pattern covers.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I really thought that Simplicity had stopped producing the Khaliah Ali line...good to see them still around. Gotta go check them out on! Thanks for the heads up!

Faye Lewis said...

As usual I like ALL of your selections. We are still on for next Saturday's Sewing Expo-right?

Anonymous said...

I am crazzzyyyy about those 2 Khaliah Ali patterns and does not have them online....waiting waiting...I hope they'll put them up on their site this week. Can't wait.