Thursday, April 19, 2007

I spent a bit of time playing in the sewing room.When I say playing,that refers to making dolls.I make it a habit to honor my inner child by making dolls.I love to sew and I love dolls.
Here are two heads and a pair of arms.I hand paint the faces.Freehand,no patterns.It is had to decide on hair and costumes.I plan to experiment on African style,head wrapping.I went to a class on this several months ago.There are so many wrapping techniques.I hope I can remember at least one.
I've also completed 2 blouses,mentioned earlier in this blog.I've got to slow my DD down to take a picture for me.
I've been spending quality sewing time every day.I'm really enjoying it.No rushing.All relaxing.


Elaray said...

Are you aware of the African-American Doll museum in Philadelphia? I can't remember the name of it. They used to have an annual show that was amazing!

artist1lisa said...

Hi Elaray.No,but I'd love to know everything about it.I'm going to Google it.Thank you for telling me.