Monday, April 16, 2007

Sewing Challenge,Day 2

Today was a typical busy Monday filled housework,phone calls,errands,and 2 art business meetings.I was still able to pull off setting 1 hour aside for sewing.
I warmed up by,flipping thru a back issue of Threads magazine,where found an article on embellishing garments,using stencils and fabric paints.
When I browse thru my closet I see very few creative pieces,things that stand out.I would like my clothing to represent,who I am,so I've been seeking out embellishing techniques.So,here's the plan.Create figure flattering,artsy pieces for daily wear.This is what,I'll explore during this challenge. The blouses I'm working on now,feature lively fabric and I'm not really sure how I can add a creative "zing"to it,but I'll figure it out.
I'll be back in my sewing room before I go to bed this evening.Sewing is a great evening indulgence.Much better than a bowl of ice cream and less fattening of course.I have pictures to post tomorrow.


Faye Lewis said...

I just found your blog this evening while surfing around. I discovered sewing and craft blogs several months ago. Your blog and adventures are VERY inspiring! I love your crafts, and the ATTITUDE in you writings. And to my surprise, finding out you live in Macon - I'm in Warner Robins! All of the sewing/craft blogs that I've been cruzing regularily are far, far away. I read all of your posts, and I LOVE your creations! You seem very creative to me so I will be visiting often to stay inspired.

artist1lisa said...

Thank you,Faye,I'm glad to have a neighbor.I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.