Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Sew Glad,I Sew

I went shopping with friend who happens to be a full-figure beauty.We went to the mall and visited 4 well-known department stores,all of which,have a "woman's"department.I watched her try on one black sack dress after another.There were plenty of beautiful spring colors to choose from and many exotic prints but,she only choose black."Black make you look slim"she said,when I suggested a turquiose and white geometric print wrap dress.
Ok.I've heard this a million times before.I know I look like a plus size woman whether I wear black,red,white or any other color.I'm not hiding in black.I'm showing out in living color.I encourage all women to do this regardless of what size she may be.Here's a fact about me: I don't own one black dress.I've got a pair black pant which belong to a suit,I made.I've got 1 black skirt suit and 1 skirt(which may be going into retirement soon).
My friend also complained about the lack of up to the moment stylish,clothing.I agree with her completely.I'm so glad that I'm not trapped in the limited world of plus size retail.I can sew any style,I like in any color I like.I plan to teach my friend to sew.Her freedom is waiting.
I am sewing daily and enjoying every minute of it.So far,I've completed 2 blouses,and one top.4 dolls and 1 dress are in the process.
This has been a busy week,but I still made time for myself and my passion.

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Melody said...

Lisa,You tell it, girl! Good for you and I totally agree with you. I wanna dress cute like everybody else. I refuse to segregate myself, I'm going to wear cute, fun clothes that (according to the retail clothing industry) aren't at all appropriate for a plus-size chickie.

I'm super glad you've been sewing a bunch. When are you going to post pictures. I want to see.