Monday, April 16, 2007

Sewing Challenge

After reading one of my favorite blogs, ,Melody has inspired me to challenge myself.I havent been sewing much lately.Well at least,not "Zen "sewing.It's the kind of sewing that is sheer pleasure and you get into the process and the next thing you know you are in that relaxed,all is well,peaceful mode.

I've recently made a quick unlined jacket for my DD to wear on Easter.I did it the day before and I was rushed.The "Zen" was in site,but not in reach.The jacket turn out well and she loved it.Here is her pic.

After we return home from church,Sunday,I began cutting out a pattern for 2 blouses.I figure that's a good place to start because I've got some old favorites, in my closet ,that have run their course.I got all the cutting,marking done while listening to my favorite tunes.After that,one of my favorite movies came on ,Stephan King's "The Stand".I watched it while I steamed interfacing, stitched and pressed.My DH bought Subway sandwiches for the family,for dinner and I didn't have to cook or wash dishes.More time to sew.It was so relaxing.It was "Zen"sewing at it finest.I stopped sewing to spend quality time with the family which is always time well spent.

Now it is 2:41 am Monday morning.I'm going to bed and dream of sewing project for this 2 week challenge.Sweet dreams everyone.

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Melody said...

That's such a cute little jacket. I love that you made it the day before. Nothing like crunch time, right?