Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday's Loot

Goodies,goodies and more goodies.This has been a wonderful day.I truly enjoy the simple pleasures.I started the day with early by heading out to the flea market.With a hot cup of Starbuck's in my cupholder and my DD riding shotgun,I was feeling lucky.I found some great embroidery floss,metallic thread and an embroidery book.The best part was the cost,$2.Check out the goods.

Here is the book.It's really nice and practically new.It has a lot of projects from beginner to advance .Very simple,fresh and contemporary.I like many of the Reader's Digest craft books.
After the flea market we went to Hancock Fabrics,where I picked up this pattern,Vogue 8406.I can't decide which to make first.I'm leaning towards the white bag with the black handles.

After pattern shopping,we ate lunch and went home for some quality time in the sewing room.I stuffed two more doll bodies,painted two faces,and cut,marked and interfaced a dress for my DD.

This has been the first week of my 2 week "sewing challenge" and I've spent time sewing everyday.I've been taking time to really enjoy the process and it paying off in every way.I'll wait until the end of week 2 to post pictures of the items completed.

It's after midnight.I'm off to bed.


Everyday Sewist said...

I'm glad to see that someone else is endeavoring to sew every day. :) I go so slow, it takes me forever to finish anything. But it's still worth it--it keeps the creative energy going!

Congratulations on your flea market find. Looks like a nice assortment of threads and colors. And I hadn't noticed that bag pattern before either. Lots of inspiration there.

Elaray said...

You got a lot of neat stuff for just $2.00. Don't you love when that happens? Days like that can't be planned.