Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's New or Old

I know I haven't post in ages and I promise to do a better job in the immediate future.
I'm an artist.Selling my paintings,sewing alterations and a few Ebay sales are my only means of making a little $$.I've got a few habits that require spending $$.Those habits are sewing,reading,knitting,doll making and creating art.I hang out at the fabric stores,book store,yard/estate sales and really junky flea markets.Any great weekend includes time spent at one or all of these places. Lately I been finding some really cool treasure.I usually search for fabric,vintage sewing notions,books any anything else that think I can use in my mixed media artwork.

This jacket was made recently from a damask table cloth from an estate sale.This very moment I'm washing another tablecloth for some future sewing project.I haven't decided on what it will be.Maybe after I iron it ,it will "speak to me"

This is a close up of the buttons and collar. This is a Simplicity pattern,Khalia Ali design.It is an unlined jacket. The fabric was a bit stiff,until I pre-wash it with a little fabric softener. After that,it was a breeze to manipulate and sew. It is soft to the skin also.

I also found some nice vintage buttons at a yard sale.Look at the price on the box top and you'll see why,I couldn't pass it by.

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Melody said...

O.K. now this jacket is too, too cool. I love that you made it from an old tablecloth. Dang Girl! The button find is awesome. What a good haul. I love days like that.