Monday, January 28, 2013

No More Sewing Block

  The past weekend was super productive. I figured out the reason for my creativity sewing room was full of junk and had become chaotic. It was time for a major de-cluttering,reorganizing and cleaning. I spent most of Saturday, going through patterns,fabrics,notions,books and various art supplies. I was determined to finish this in one day, so I only stopped for lunch, dinner and bathroom breaks.
   I advised my family that if anyone should disturb me, they would have to help clean. No one disturb me,even once.I started at 9:30am. I finished completely by 10pm. I went to bed exhausted but satisfied.
     Sunday, I went into my refreshed sewing room and finished this quilt.
 I also decided to get one more garment in for the Jungle January sew-a-long. I'll be making the skirt from this fabric and,out of print, McCall's pattern 5481. (I don't know why this picture is facing the wrong way)

  I've made this skirt before and the pattern has been adjusted,so I was able to get it cut and marked and ready to sew.
   I had little time today to sew. All that is left now,is the waist band and a hem. I hope I can get it finished tomorrow.


Judith said...

A lady on a mission - good for you! Can't wait to see the new skirt...J

L said...

This happens to me, too! I often find that a good cleaning and reorganizing of my sewing space helps to jumpstart the sewjo.

I am not a quilter, but I love looking at other people's creations. Your quilt is beautiful!

Faye Lewis said...

Great looking quilt.