Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stolen Sewing Time

I am  garment sewing blocked. I have no idea what I want to sew next. All my usual motivation boosters, my look book,watching Project Runway, are not working.
  This past weekend I had all day Saturday and Sunday to sew. My DH and DD were out with their friends and activities,all day. Leaving me to sew un-disturbed and guess what I did with that time? I layed around watching tv,reading and eating. What a waste!
    So I decided to work on a quilt.
    This is sewing meditation because its just straight line sewing. Add a little music and go into a zen place in no time. Today I had 15 minutes to myself for sewing and as soon as I stitch 2 inches,my DH bring his laptop  to me,with that frustrated look on his face. By the time I fixed his computer boo-boo, he returns to the sewing room with two pairs of pants that need "a little repair,while you've got your machine going".
   A "little repair" is a zipper replacement and re-seaming worn out areas. My 15 minutes of zen quilting was changed into 30 minutes of repair sewing. Damn!
   Maybe tomorrow.(Sigh)


alethia said...

I know what you mean, I am on a crochet roll. I am hoping to get back into sewing next month

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I hate when that happens that's why I make a list of things to sew when I have free time. No wondering, guessing, whatever...I sew from the list!

BeaJay said...

I Lisa,

You have won the plus sized pattern pyramid. Please go to Pattern Review and private message me with your postal address


Faye Lewis said...

You poor thing!

Linda T said...

What a bummer!