Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Place Of My Own

I guess I'll start with my sewing room.It's not glamorous,but it's mine.It's small,messy and filled with on-going projects.This is where the creativity hits the fan.
I learn to sew from my mom,who is a craft fanatic.She has given me a lot of wonderful things for my craft studio.This is one of my favorites. A vintage dress form with a size 24 waist.My mom probably had this size waist before I came along.I don't think my waist was ever this small (I'm a plus babe) but, I still love it.
This is the painting area.I'm a mixed media artist.I have a few pieces in a gallery or two,from time to time.I should get more art out there but I'm terrible at time management.I spend more time watching TV and surfing the web,than I do creating.This is going to change.
This is the sewing area. I didn't bother to clean up,so please excuse the mess.I sew daily.I have a small sewing business.I do mostly, alterations.I don't really enjoy doing alterations but the money pays for my toys.
I love dolls.I've always loved dolls.I'll do introductions as I make new outfits for them.I've been browsing ebay for outfits and I'm amazed at the talent that's out there.
I'm a heavy reader.Beside my favorite magazines,this is what I'm reading. So far ,so good.I'm becoming a Debbie Macomber fan.
So that's all for now .