Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Shopping

I went book shopping today during lunch and purchased a few goodies. The "Chic Bags"book has been on my want list for a while. It has a lot of fresh looks and great instructions. The "Passion for Patchwork" has quilted projects which I 'd like to make as gift items for gifts.I've done a little quilting(1 table runner) before and it was really relaxing.Several ladies I've recently met at the fabric store, have advised me to take another stab at it.

These magazines are going to the top of the magazine pile next to my bed.To top off the day,when I got home from work my Ebay wins were in the mail box.I guess I've got tote bags on the brain. I love making them. The Athena Blouse pattern is a good basic for my wardrobe makeover. It will probably hit the cutting table Saturday after I return from the fabric store. It's going to be cold and rainy tomorrow.Excellent for staying in a warm dry sewing room

I completed my Plaza pants and a pair of jeans. I'll have to post pictures of the finished products later when DD slows down enough to take photos. Both fit great.This was my first time making a pair of jeans.Now,I have another great reason to avoid the mall.Well,except for accessories and shoes. Here's a picture of the pattern and the denim.The denim has just a hint of stretch and it is super dark. I made view C. I'm so pleased with this pattern.I know I will make at least 3 more pair.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the Bag

Sometimes I need a quick project.You know, an instant gratification thing. Lately I don't get as much time to sew as I use to,because of my new job.I'm not complaining.I enjoy my job and having more $$$ to spend on sewing stuff. I like to have some sewing time every week. So I think I'll keep a few things instant gratification projects on hand for the busier weeks.
Here is a quick project which I completed Saturday night.
I made view D. It's on display in Hancock Fabrics so please excuse the ceiling view.I should have taken a photo before having it placed on display.

It's so easy and quick. I plan to use this pattern again. I think I would make a great gift to have on hand for those girlfriend birthdays that sometime spring up. The only notions it called for was five 1.5 inch rings and a magnetic clasp. It took 2 hours from cut to finish and that was while doing laundry and watching TV.

I've got my Plaza pants cut and marked. Maybe I can get to them this evening.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wardrobe Makeover-A Beginning

I have purged my closet of all garments that just don't work. Anything that doesn't fit,is the wrong color,or is just butt ugly has been given the boot. I also did this with my dresser drawers and it leaves me with a lot of empty drawer and half of a closet to refill with better choices.
My daughter helped me with this task and some of her comments(usually said during fit of laughter) about these clothing mistakes were: "Ugly,skanky and "Mom,what were you thinking!" I took a few pictures of some of the clothes I got rid of. Just to give y'all some laughs.Here are my clothing confessions. The Tye dyed t-shirt created during a workshop.This just represents one of 27 tired shapeless t-shirts. The short negligee with furry stuff. This thing is 12 years old and a size 10.Last of all,my muu-muu ,which I wore after I brought my newborn daughter home, 12 years ago.I've been wearing this thing every Saturday and Sunday morning since then. I know it's a shame.
First of all I'm in need of some basics: Black pants,black dress,white shirt and a red dress (Yes, this is a basic that should be in every woman's wardrobe.) Now I don't want to make the basics back to back. I think that could get a little boring. I need plenty of artsy accent pieces that are truly me. So I'll alternate between basics and accents.
First, the black pants.I have selected the Plaza Pants from the Sewing Workshop pattern collection. I have purchased a lightweight wool blend which should drape and press nicely.
I'm off to the cutting table.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Trench Coat -Finished

I finally finished my trench coat! I like to enjoy the process,so I took my time and payed attention to details.There was a ton of top stitching which I usually try to avoid,because I don't do it well.However,I've decided the only way to improve is with more practice. I found this fabric in the home decor section of Hancock Fabrics a year ago with the intent to make a jacket of some sort,but it got lost in the stash pile.I know it's a little busy but I really like it. When I saw this McCall's pattern,I knew I had to dig the fabric up. I made the beige coat on the pattern envelope. I recently got a job,so I'm no longer a SAHM. I wasn't able to spend as much time sewing as I like. So whenever I did get some sewing time in,I really wanted to make it count. This is the first finished project of 2008. My wardrobe makeover is well underway.

In keeping with one of my sewing goals,I learned a new technique.The Hong Kong facing technique is a method of covering the inside edge of a facing. It's one of those little details that make garments look professional inside.See the little satin edge.

I learned this technique from the book, Power Sewing Step By Step by Sandra Betzina. It's a great book to have in your sewing library.