Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skirt Progress

The first skirt of the skirt sew along, is finished. I decided not to hem it ,since I am told it would not ravel.
I was unable to get my daughter to take a picture of me wearing it ,so this time it is on Clair.
Clair is a lot more curvier.

Here is a closer look
It has a simple elastic waist and one seam in the back. It is a basic tube skirt so I didn't use a pattern. It fits nicely. I may consider making it a little shorter.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skirt Sew-a-long Fun

I'm participating in Faye's "Carnival of Skirts" sew-a-long. I decided to add 2 types of skirts to my wardrobe, one being a maxi-skirt and the other a denim skirt,as I've never owed either.
 I got the maxi cut from this fabric.
I don't know what its called. It is a knit and each strip is a ruffle. It was purchased from Vogue Fabrics back in March. It has movement,texture and an interesting print. I hope the skirt will have a "Wow factor".(I've been watching Project Runway too much)
I've also got to figure out how to hem it. The stripes are suppose to be horizontal.I have cut it out so that the are vertical. This is the selvage.
 I could leave it as the hem and that would allow the ruffles to move freely. I don't know. If anyone out there does knows, please throw your knowledge my way.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vogue 8813 Finished

This weekend was filled  with quality sewing time and relaxation. I finished Vogue 8813 and wore it this evening. I really like it. This is my attempt at my plan to let my "artsy" self show in my wardrobe.

Initially I was worried about the large print being over-whelming, but the more I sewed, the more the colors made me smile.
The fabric is a silky print (polyester) from Joann Fabrics.

No zipper, no buttons and no interfacing. It was super easy. The big loose pockets can be buttoned if you choose. The pattern show that option. I like them without buttons and hanging. I think it gives the dress volume.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sewing Supplies from Wal-mart

   Recently  a  friend of mine,visited my sewing room. She looked around and said,"You have a lot of sewing stuff. How can it be so much fun if it take so much equipment?" You may have guessed by now that she does not sew and does not have any hobbies.
   I think all hobbies have cool stuffed to buy and use in our enjoyment of our chosen interest. We may not need the stuff but usually it make things more fun,easier or helps us use our time more efficiently.
  After she left. I got an idea for a post. I have a few useful items I use during the sewing process that I'd like to share with you.
This is a small snack tray which I use for hand sewing tasks. It can commonly be found next to me while I watch TV in the den or bedroom. I keep small scissors,seam ripper,glasses,etc.,in it. I bought this from Wal-mart.
This is a picnic utensil carrier also found at Wal-mart. It can be found at the end of my cutting table,filled with the pattern of the day,a small notebook,trim,scissors and drink bottle.

I don't know what its called but it is used to hold floral stems in the bottom of floral arrangements. I keep sharp items point end down. It is heavy and won't tip over and I don't prick my fingers grabbing that seam ripper or needle nose tweezers. Wal-mart again.

This acrylic document holder,commonly used to hold documents upright,while entering data by keyboard. I use it to hold books open,hold pattern instruction sheets or inspiration pictures. This came from Staples,office supply store.

This is a bowl of beanie piggies. They hold things down,like paper,pattern pieces and smaller bits of fabric, that blow around when I turn on my fan. The bowl was yard sale find and the piggies came from Wal-mart.

This is an hour glass for those occasions when I have limited time to sew. Most importantly it helps me pull away from Pinterest. We know how hard that can be. It came from Books-a-Million, bookstore
     I hope this has been useful to you.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Safari suit

Hi friends,

    Today I went out shopping with my DD. Actually she shopped and I gave opinions when requested. I love shopping with her because she is so confident in her style and fashion choices.
     While we shopped I had her to take a picture of my outfit,made recently from an OOP Vogue pattern.

                                                                       Here I am

It passed the wear test. I was comfortable and cool (temperature was in the mid 80s today). The fabric is a polyester blend listed as "spring suiting". I made the jacket in view A. I think it is too short. Next time,and there will be a next time, I will make it the length featured in view B or C.
     The only adjustments needed were a full bust adjustment. I like it and will make it again.

      Next up is, the project I started this morning,Vogue 8813.

     I was able to get it cut and partially sewn this morning. That's because it has no interfaced pieces, no lining,no zippers or buttons.  I didn't feel like doing pattern adjustment and choose this pattern because of it's loose,easy fit. So far its coming along nicely. I hope I can finish it before the weekend is over. I hope you have some quality sewing time this weekend.

Monday, October 01, 2012

What I worked on this weekend

        I am still working on a project inspired from this book.
While the book doesn't give you complete instructions on making a quilt,it does give general instructions and shows some lovely quilts on display. Inspired, I decided to do a quilt. I have completed twelve blocks featuring different black and white print squares surrounding  machine embroidered squares. There three different embroidered designs.

Sewing Machine

 Pin Cushion


     I am designing as I go,so I haven't decided on a border yet. While I was searching through my stash, I ran across some fashion fabrics that I'd forgotten about. Usually when I purchase fabric, I separate the quilting fabrics from the fashion fabrics. This fashion fabric was at the bottom of the quilt fabric basket. Don't you love finding forgotten fabric ? It's like finding money in an old purse.
     Anyway, now I want to make something to wear,but that's another post for another day.