Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Sewing Week - Jacket Part 2

Now for the continuing story.Using the techniques found in the book,Fit For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto ,I move happily on to a great fitting jacket.The first pin fitting on the fashion fabric reveals that this technique is working for me.I'm amazed that a smaller pattern and a few alterations could give me this fit ,with room to tweak.
The fabric I'm using is white w/beige pinstripes.It is twill,given to me by Ebony during her stash reduction. She's a diva with a halo.
The one thing I'd like to suggest is ,stay stitch all curved and horizontal seams before pin fitting to prevent stretching that may occur. Here is the back view. The wrinkles at the shoulders are pinned in darts. Looks like I can afford to take a little up in the center of the back seam.(notice the sag wrinkles)
I will show all pattern alterations used during a later post.
I've decided that I'll need to interline this jacket because the interfacing will show thru.
More tomorrow.It's late and I'm sleepy.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Sewing Week Jacket Part 1

I've decided to work on a jacket this week.I'm going to use the fitting technique from the book titled,Fit For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto .
This book teaches a Pattern tissue fitting method as an alternative to making a muslin.One of the things that made me want this book was,it features many different sizes and shapes of women ,who actually have used the recommended techniques to create their own garments.
I decided on a casual, princess seam,lined,blazer.I'm using an OOP Vogue 8042.It's real basic.
I will work on this all week and post my progress daily.
The book advises buying a jacket pattern by the high bust measurement instead of the full bust measurement.Cut the pattern and pin the pattern together (front,back,sides and sleeves) and observe the fit before making any adjustments. I'm sharing these, roll exposing pics with you in the name of fitting perfection.I was doubtful of the whole plan after looking at these initially.
See how incredibly small the pattern is. My fitting issues are: full bust(D cup),pot belly,sloped shoulders,broad back and full upper arms. Check out the back.Remember this is before any changes.
Now after this,I had to un-pin the pattern,press and make the suggested adjustments and try it on again. After the adjustment were made,this tiny looking pattern actually fits! My doubts began to subside.
I have to work on this a little bit each day during my work week.(got to make money to buy more fabric,right.)
Tomorrow ,I'll share the adjustments and more.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My First Burda

I finally got around to sewing a BWOF (Burda World Of Fashion)pattern.This skirt is from issue 1/2008.It looks like a wrap skirt but it features an overlay.This appeals to me because I don't have to worry about it popping open.I also like the diagonal line,which is suppose to have a slimming affect.Hey,I can use all the help,I can get.
My sewing buddy,Faye and I got together and traced,marked and cut our first BWOF patterns.She finished her skirt long before me.I finished mine this morning.
Now ,I'm a believer.Great fit.No adjustments needed.
I didn't have many problems putting it together other than not reading through the instructions first.I kinda jumped the gun and made some tiny mistakes.But what's a sewing adventure without some un-sewing. I will sew more BWOF patterns in the future.The pattern tracing is a pain in the butt.However,Burda has the coolest styles. If you haven't tried Burda World of Fashion patterns,put it on your "To Do " list.