Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Spring Looks

When it's cold and rainy outside I cuddle up to computer and browse the new spring patterns.Here are the ones I plan on buying.This one is top on the list. This is second but I'll make it first because I've already got the fabric for it.
I've seen the anorak in every fashion magazine this month.Oprah is wearing one on the cover of "O" this month.
I love these pants but I'm a little concerned about how they may look on my body.I have no waist and plenty of belly.Hmmm.

You know it going to be a good fashion season when,you like all the views on your pattern covers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my Birthday and it was great.My entire weekend was great.
Friday afternoon, I recieved fabric which I ordered on Tuesday night from Fashionista Fabrics . Is that fast service or what ! Melody is the owner of this wonderful fabric store and she is a delight. I got the latest Burda Plus Magazine also. Melody,you were right.Thank again.
Saturday,I spent quite a bit of quality time with my sewing machine,working on this skirt.
and this top(the blue wrap).
I'm still working on the skirt.I finished the top and here it is. I need help. As you can see,the shoulders are hanging off and the back neckline stands away and doesn't lay flat against my upper back. This is the first time I've had this kind of fitting issue. I was thinking about making a seam in the center back to take up the slack. Please share your ideas on how to fix this and avoid it in the future. I like this style and would make it again.
Sunday,I got B-day gifts and warm wishes. A new dressform is on it's way. Most of my friends know I'm working on my wardrobe and being the sweeties they are,they gave me accessories. Shoes, belts,fabric and jewelry. I spent the day relaxing and in joyeous reflection on the blessing of wonderful people in my life. That also includes my blogging friends.Love ya'll.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Alive !

My jacket is finished.You can now call me "Dr.Frankenstein",because this experiment,turned out to be a monster. I spent my entire Saturday, sewing this beast and watching Project Runway-Canada. Every step of the way,I wondered why I just didn't give up and throw it in the trash. I spent a lot of time ripping out seams and cursing one of my sewing heroines,Sandra Betzina. I still like her but,what was she thinking with this construction method? The pattern cover shows the jacket in denim and she has the bottom facing applied after the top part is topstitched,lined and put together.I know this may not sound bad but let me make it clear...I was topstitching thru five layers of denim weight fabric! Two folded edges of facing and the top portion plus lining and interfacings. I was using a size sixteen needle and topstitching thread. Threads were popping and I broke two needles. I went to bed totally fustrated at 1 am. with the partially sewn bottom facing and jacket crumpled in a heap on the floor.
This afternoon after I returned from church,all refreshed,I returned to my sewing room and my monster.To solve the breaking needles and threads problem,I steamed and pounded every seam and fold. I placed the topstitching thread in the bobbin instead of on top and regular thread on top.
The pattern has a strange curving of the sleeves near the inside wrist. It is hidden by the pose of the cover model. I made a poor fabric choice and the jacket is too short and boxy for my rounded figure. I have learned from my mistake so all is not lost.
So with out any further whinning,I Monster.
Here is a close up of the sleeve detail.

Now,I need and easy project and some chocolate to heal my sewing ego. LOL

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sewing Weekend

I did'nt see a lot of patterns to purchase from Buttericks new collection. This one is the only one that is appealing to me. At least during my first viewing.The other dress seem to be the same old stuff with different numbers. Usually I will see another sewing sister in blog world, take one of the "same old stuff"patterns and turn it into an, exciting "must have". Then I'll see more potential.

Here's what I'm working on this weekend. I've already cut,marked and did a bit of sewing.

I'm using a fabric found in the home dec department of Hancock Fabrics. The fabric was really stiff and because the care method suggested was Dry Clean Only,I didn't pre-wash it. Well,after I basted the fronts and backs together and tried it on,it felt like I was wearing a cardboard box.I became disgusted and considered trashing it. I tested a scrap in the washing machine and it came out soft,supple and ,non-damaged.I washed the partially sewn jacket in hot water and dried it in the dryer.I am quite pleased with the results and I'm eager to finish it.

So this weekend,I am staying home and sewing. I'll share my progress all through it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Plaza Pants and More

Here is the picture of the Plaza Pants (a Sewing Workshop pattern). I love these pants. They are so comfortable. I did'nt have to alter the pattern in any way other than the length. They have a smooth front,elastic waist.

I also made a top and matching shrug from this pattern.

Here is my version.I think I should have made the tank top a little longer. The idea is to get away from wearing oversize t-shirts and sweatshirts, during my weekend errands (fabric and book stores) and leisure activities (hanging out with framily and friends).
Speaking of hanging with friends,I spent Super Bowl Sunday with my sewing buddy Faye
I enjoy visiting her. She is very inspiring,plus I get to see all her latest creations. Faye has a wonderful eye for fine fashion details.You will be in for a treat when she gets her new camera. I returned home loaded with new ideas and a lovely piece of fabric from Faye's stash.
We are planning to attend a sewing expo in Atlanta next month.