Sunday, April 29, 2007

Results of My 2 Week Sewing Challenge.

Here are the projects,I started and completed,during my self-imposed,2 week sewing challenge.

First is the lavender shirt.I used Butterick 3907,for both shirts.The pattern is fast and easy.It went together without any problem.I needed some shirts to wear over tank tops,because I don't like to expose my upper arms.
I already worn this shirt twice.It has a sheer floral pattern on a lightweight linen blend.This fabric was in my stash for 2 years.Next up,is the same shirt in a printed cotton fabric.I haven't worn it anywhere except outside for pictures.I'm planning to make a pair of solid color bermuda shorts to match.I haven't decided between white or beige.This fabric has been in my stash for 1 year.
Last on this list is the pink cotton sundress for my DD,Ashley.This is from Simplicity 4224.I plan to make another in a tropical print.She wore this to church today.She likes it and has asked for another for next Sunday.

This "sewing challenge"has taught me the joys of taking time for myself and spending that time doing something that I greatly enjoy.I will continue sewing daily for relaxation and enjoyment.

On to the next sewing adventure.I've got a big pile of Threads magazines.I'm feeling brave...hmm.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm Sew Glad,I Sew

I went shopping with friend who happens to be a full-figure beauty.We went to the mall and visited 4 well-known department stores,all of which,have a "woman's"department.I watched her try on one black sack dress after another.There were plenty of beautiful spring colors to choose from and many exotic prints but,she only choose black."Black make you look slim"she said,when I suggested a turquiose and white geometric print wrap dress.
Ok.I've heard this a million times before.I know I look like a plus size woman whether I wear black,red,white or any other color.I'm not hiding in black.I'm showing out in living color.I encourage all women to do this regardless of what size she may be.Here's a fact about me: I don't own one black dress.I've got a pair black pant which belong to a suit,I made.I've got 1 black skirt suit and 1 skirt(which may be going into retirement soon).
My friend also complained about the lack of up to the moment stylish,clothing.I agree with her completely.I'm so glad that I'm not trapped in the limited world of plus size retail.I can sew any style,I like in any color I like.I plan to teach my friend to sew.Her freedom is waiting.
I am sewing daily and enjoying every minute of it.So far,I've completed 2 blouses,and one top.4 dolls and 1 dress are in the process.
This has been a busy week,but I still made time for myself and my passion.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday's Loot

Goodies,goodies and more goodies.This has been a wonderful day.I truly enjoy the simple pleasures.I started the day with early by heading out to the flea market.With a hot cup of Starbuck's in my cupholder and my DD riding shotgun,I was feeling lucky.I found some great embroidery floss,metallic thread and an embroidery book.The best part was the cost,$2.Check out the goods.

Here is the book.It's really nice and practically new.It has a lot of projects from beginner to advance .Very simple,fresh and contemporary.I like many of the Reader's Digest craft books.
After the flea market we went to Hancock Fabrics,where I picked up this pattern,Vogue 8406.I can't decide which to make first.I'm leaning towards the white bag with the black handles.

After pattern shopping,we ate lunch and went home for some quality time in the sewing room.I stuffed two more doll bodies,painted two faces,and cut,marked and interfaced a dress for my DD.

This has been the first week of my 2 week "sewing challenge" and I've spent time sewing everyday.I've been taking time to really enjoy the process and it paying off in every way.I'll wait until the end of week 2 to post pictures of the items completed.

It's after midnight.I'm off to bed.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I spent a bit of time playing in the sewing room.When I say playing,that refers to making dolls.I make it a habit to honor my inner child by making dolls.I love to sew and I love dolls.
Here are two heads and a pair of arms.I hand paint the faces.Freehand,no patterns.It is had to decide on hair and costumes.I plan to experiment on African style,head wrapping.I went to a class on this several months ago.There are so many wrapping techniques.I hope I can remember at least one.
I've also completed 2 blouses,mentioned earlier in this blog.I've got to slow my DD down to take a picture for me.
I've been spending quality sewing time every day.I'm really enjoying it.No rushing.All relaxing.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sewing Challenge,Day 2

Today was a typical busy Monday filled housework,phone calls,errands,and 2 art business meetings.I was still able to pull off setting 1 hour aside for sewing.
I warmed up by,flipping thru a back issue of Threads magazine,where found an article on embellishing garments,using stencils and fabric paints.
When I browse thru my closet I see very few creative pieces,things that stand out.I would like my clothing to represent,who I am,so I've been seeking out embellishing techniques.So,here's the plan.Create figure flattering,artsy pieces for daily wear.This is what,I'll explore during this challenge. The blouses I'm working on now,feature lively fabric and I'm not really sure how I can add a creative "zing"to it,but I'll figure it out.
I'll be back in my sewing room before I go to bed this evening.Sewing is a great evening indulgence.Much better than a bowl of ice cream and less fattening of course.I have pictures to post tomorrow.

Sewing Challenge

After reading one of my favorite blogs, ,Melody has inspired me to challenge myself.I havent been sewing much lately.Well at least,not "Zen "sewing.It's the kind of sewing that is sheer pleasure and you get into the process and the next thing you know you are in that relaxed,all is well,peaceful mode.

I've recently made a quick unlined jacket for my DD to wear on Easter.I did it the day before and I was rushed.The "Zen" was in site,but not in reach.The jacket turn out well and she loved it.Here is her pic.

After we return home from church,Sunday,I began cutting out a pattern for 2 blouses.I figure that's a good place to start because I've got some old favorites, in my closet ,that have run their course.I got all the cutting,marking done while listening to my favorite tunes.After that,one of my favorite movies came on ,Stephan King's "The Stand".I watched it while I steamed interfacing, stitched and pressed.My DH bought Subway sandwiches for the family,for dinner and I didn't have to cook or wash dishes.More time to sew.It was so relaxing.It was "Zen"sewing at it finest.I stopped sewing to spend quality time with the family which is always time well spent.

Now it is 2:41 am Monday morning.I'm going to bed and dream of sewing project for this 2 week challenge.Sweet dreams everyone.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Artwork

This is my lastest completed painting.It is curently hanging in a gallery.I've sold prints of it but,the original remains unsold.I'm not complaining.That's the way it goes sometimes.
This painting is called,"Rejoice".I love to paint.I've got a few paintings to post.Maybe I'll do one every week.
I haven't spent any time on creativity today.Just back to back meetings,errands and housework.With that I'm off to my studio.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's New or Old

I know I haven't post in ages and I promise to do a better job in the immediate future.
I'm an artist.Selling my paintings,sewing alterations and a few Ebay sales are my only means of making a little $$.I've got a few habits that require spending $$.Those habits are sewing,reading,knitting,doll making and creating art.I hang out at the fabric stores,book store,yard/estate sales and really junky flea markets.Any great weekend includes time spent at one or all of these places. Lately I been finding some really cool treasure.I usually search for fabric,vintage sewing notions,books any anything else that think I can use in my mixed media artwork.

This jacket was made recently from a damask table cloth from an estate sale.This very moment I'm washing another tablecloth for some future sewing project.I haven't decided on what it will be.Maybe after I iron it ,it will "speak to me"

This is a close up of the buttons and collar. This is a Simplicity pattern,Khalia Ali design.It is an unlined jacket. The fabric was a bit stiff,until I pre-wash it with a little fabric softener. After that,it was a breeze to manipulate and sew. It is soft to the skin also.

I also found some nice vintage buttons at a yard sale.Look at the price on the box top and you'll see why,I couldn't pass it by.