Monday, June 30, 2008

Pants Details

As promised,I'd like to highlight some of the details of my pants.
The contour waistband is a one piece with carriers (no side or back seams).I decided to top stitch in a beige colored thread because I saw a pair of pants in Figure magazine with same treatment.
I use a fly template made from cardboard to trace my fly top stitching lines.

This use of a contrast fabric for inner fly and pocket lining is a fun treatment. I learned this from reading Debbie Cook's blog,about a year ago,and I have been doing it on all my pants,ever since.The back has a yoke and back pockets.I left the back pockets off.The top stitching is a little off,but I'm wearing them anyway.I'll be more careful next time I make a pair.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A New Outfit

Being around other women who enjoy sewing,is one of the perks of my job.They often share the joy by giving.
This pattern is an OOP,Vogue 8092. It was given to me by one of my co-workers. I made this during a sew-in with my sewing friends. I made the pants(a longer version featured in a previous post) from Mccall's 5592 ,during our second sew-in. I wore both to work yesterday and I was cool and comfortable.

The top is made from a light weight linen blend, given to me by my friend and co-worker, Ebony. It is so comfortable and the folded drape hides some of my folds. :) The pants are twill with a bit of Lycra from Joann Fabrics.This is the second time making the pants and there will be many more.They have a fly front,side pockets,back yoke,and a contour waistband.I'll post pictures of the details later while I make a third pair.I think sewing may be the only way I can get a great fitting pair pants.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Tagging

I've been tagged by Cennetta.She so nice. So here goes.

1.What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was a stressed,depressed,mess. I worked as a Drill Instructor in a prison boot camp program and part time as an aerobic instructor.I was the first female drill instructor in a male prison,so I had to be really cold,hard and mean.The problem was,that behavior also flooded over into my personal life. I'm sure you can imagine the problems that cause if you've ever been around a "controlling psycho b----".I didn't sew very often.I didn't do a lot of anything but complain and blame.
To make along story short,I didn't like how I was,so I prayed,and changed.Thanks to GOD.

2. What are 5 things on my "To Do List"today?

Prayer and meditation
Cut out muslin for my coat.
Write plan for a sewing class,I'm planning to teach.
Bring fabric,which is hidden in the truck of my car,into the house.
Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

3.Snacks I enjoy?

Nacho Cheese Doritos
Buttery popcorn
Lemon Heads candy

4.What would I do if I became a Billionaire?

Quit my job.
Move into dream home with ultimate dream sewing studio(Yes,I would still sew).
Move my Mom and Dad into their dream house in a great location of their choice.
Give gifts to family and friends.

5.Places I have lived?

Born and raised in Detroit,Michigan
Ft Dix New,Jersey-US Army
Ft Lee,Virginia-US Army
Ft Bliss Texas-US Army
Stuttgart,Germany-Us Army
Ft Stewart,Georgia-Us Army
St Petersburg,Florida
Macon,Georgia-currently living and loving it.

6.What type of work have I done ?

US Army Soldier
Hair Stylist
Stand Up Comedian
Drill Instructor in prison boot camp
Aerobic Instructor
Sales Associate
Mary Kay Rep
Alterations Specialist in a menswear store
Sewing and Alteration business owner
President of Middle Georgia Art Association
Home Decor Consultant
Fabric store supervisor

7.Five people I would like to know more about?

Ebony-A Needle For My Thoughts
Amerykah-Sewl Sister #1
Melody-Crazed Sewer
Alethia-Kassmin's Creations
Angie-Jemima Bean

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sew In The City

The adventure begins with with 4 "sewing scissor sisters ",some cash,a free Saturday and 3 fabric stores.
These "sewing scissor sisters",connected not by blood but by sewing thread,hopped into Ebony's "sewmobile"and rolled to the enchanted kingdom called "Atlanta"in search of precious woven treasures.
The first destination was Hancock Fabrics in Morrow,GA. The sisters were greeted by the delightful store manager,Bobby,now referred to as,"Sir Bobby the Duke of Hancock".
This store is newly remodeled an Sir Bobby gave us a grand tour.In this picture he is not smiling but,he is very charming and he can sew! The doll in the display case are wearing his creations.
Here are some model garments.The next stop was,Gail K.Fabrics in Atlanta,GA. This store was filled from floor almost to the ceiling with gorgeous fabric,trim and buttons.Check out more pictures of the inside of the store at Faye's blog .I was temporarily under the spell of fabric euphoria and didn't take more picture inside.

Here is Ebony in a deep fabric induced trance.

Here we are with our treasure.

Next we headed to Joanns Fabric in Fayetteville,GA. to make good use of our 50% off coupons and gather more treasure.I didn't take pictures(low battery),but I wish I could.This fabric store is wonderful.Clean,well lighted and fully stocked.
After Joann's we grabbed some delicious junk food and headed back to our own kingdoms...I mean "queendoms"and sewed happily ever after. Totally not the end.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Fitting Muslin 2 and A Happy Ending

The second muslin was made in a fabric with more drape than the first muslin,shows a little tweaking is needed in the bust area and for the first time ever,no under arm gaping.My pattern adjustments were a FBA and reduction of 1 inch in the shoulder area between the neck and sleeve shown here.
Finally the finished product,a dress which doesn't gape at the neck,bust or arm hole. I wore it to work today. This fabric was given to me by my friend Ebony .What a joy it is to have sewing friends.
Concerning muslin making,I am forever changed. I will take the time to make them. The time I invested in sewing 2 muslins was made up for,when I zipped through the final product. It's like a pattern/fabric audition to see which one will be the star of the show.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Muslin Making Part 1

I must confess. When it comes to making a muslin,I am extremely lazy. I will find every excuse in the world to avoid it. Because of this laziness,I've had quite few sewing disasters.I ended up wasting time,fabric,notions and money. I read a lot of sewing blogs of which the clever sewist wisely invest her time making a muslin and ending up with a fabulous fitted garment and have become motivated to develop this discipline. I always knew I had to do an FBA on all tops and sometimes add a little to the side. Now I've recently found out that, I have sloping shoulders.
When you take the time to do a muslin it forces you to really look at your figure and what makes yours unique. I took a lot of pictures and selected one to show what a difference a little fitting can make.This is the first muslin with excess fabric pinned up for a better fit.The left side is pinned with red arrows pointing to shoulder pinning and a red line under the pinned bust area. Notice the excess fabric on right side in the same areas.

Now back to the pattern to make the adjustments and a second muslin.To be continued tomorrow.

Meanwhile,I wanted to join the Coat Sew Along back around Memorial Day,but found it is closed.I had purchased a cool pattern along with a few good notions at the Hancock Fabrics Memorial Day sale.Check it out. It features some details I've been wanting to master,like bound button holes and welt pockets. I'm loving the cuffs and collar too. So I'm going it alone. I think it will be challenging and fun.