Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It has been over a year since my last post and believe it or not, I've missed it.
Each time I thought about posting something,I'd put it of until:

  • tomorrow-I've had a long day and I'm tired
  • this weekend-I'll be off and have more time
  • next week-Maybe then I have something to blog about
  • next month-I'll just start at the beginning of next month
  • 3 months later-I'm so embarrassed by my inability to blog with some regularity like everyone else.
  • 1 year later-I've probably lost all my readers.What's the use?
After all that,I've just decided that blogging is something I enjoy and no matter how much time passes between my posts, I will not quit.

I have entered a challenge event called,"Self Stitched September" and have taken the pledge:
'I, Lisa H, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear only handmade and refashioned’ item(s) of clothing or accessories, every day for the duration of September 2010'.

This will be a great way for me to get back into the blog game and celebrate "National Sewing Month "at the same time.
It will also be a real challenge because,I wear a uniform to work. But after work,it's all me and my own sewn clothes.
Wish me luck.