Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daughter's Homecoming Dress

Hi everyone. Here is my DD wearing her dress for her high school homecoming event. I used Vogue 8190, fabric from Joann Fabrics and lining,boning and tulle from Hancock Fabrics.
There is plenty of boning,which held the dress up beautifully and 7.5 yards of tulle(cut in 17 pieces) under the flounce. This dress was truly a labor of love. The shirring of the bodice,the ruffle,the tulle,the lining and the fitting muslin,which I'm glad I did first,wore me out. I also found out that my daughter loves to crack the whip. For the four days I took to work on the dress,she would remind me not to "lolly gag"whenever I had the nerve to eat,watch tv or anything else non-sew.
 She was so happy with the finished product,that she has requested 2 prom dresses for junior prom,1 dress for next homecoming events and 1 from senior prom next year. This is a high compliment because her second home is the mall. I'm glad I don't have to do this type of sewing on a regular basis.