Saturday, December 30, 2006

Adventures Of The Amazing Pants

I'm currently working on a pair of "Amazing Pants".I call them amazing,because the will be the first pair of pants I will sew,that have a perfect fit.I'm participating in a sew-a-long with a few of the fluffy babes at PR.You can check it out at .I'm using Simplicity4068 ,view B. Check that out here.

I made a muslin out of some hideous fabric that was donated to me by a friend.(I'm not ungrateful and she was the first to admit that it was hideous).I selected the size to make by my waist measurement.I cut that size and made them as is and tried them on.Here are the results.
As you can see from all the vertical folds that the fit is too big.Also the waist is too big.The crazy part is,I have made pants in the past that fit like this with an elastic waist, and wore them in public. I will Never do that again.So off I go,back to the cutting board.I am armed with two issues of Threads magazine,featuring pant fitting articles,coffee,scissors,pins,time and determination.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Last Rose

I thought this rose bush would become a terminal victim of the dreaded rose disease"blackspot".However it continues to surprise me.Here it is,December,and I find one blossom waving at me in the cold morning wind.
I guess there is a lesson to be learned from my rose.


I had a little time to do something creative last night,so I made a little snowman.He's made from onasberg cloth.He has a hand sculpted head made from paperclay and painted with acrylic paint.He is posted atop of a vintage brass candleholder.I'm thinking about selling him on "Ebay",but I'm going to have to take a better picture.

I spend (way too much)time browsing around Ebay,looking and admiring all kinds of works done by independant(Indy)artists.While I've sold plenty of items on Ebay,none of them were my own creation.I'm just so afraid of rejection.I've always been this way.I know this is an unreasonable way to think and I have had many of my paintings and artdolls purchased from a gallery.That fact alone, should push that silly fear right out of my head,but it still lurks there.

I plan to get over this fear by taking action often.Today this snowman will be re-photographed and placed up for bid.My mind is made up.Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

She's Got Me Under Her Spell

I've been in a sewing slump lately and I was advised be another sewing fan,that I should try making something for a good cause.So I pulled out my doll patterns and found a pattern that I'd purchased at a sewing expo,3 years ago and never made.I immediatly dug through my scrap bag and notions drawer and gathered everything I needed to complete this doll.
I was determined to start and finish this project in one session.I knew that,if I stopped for any reason,she would end up on the "UFO"pile.I've got plenty of stuff in that pile and that story will be in a later post.
Anyway,I completed my doll as planned and I intended to donate her to a silent art/craft auction to raise money for the non-profit gallery,of which I am a member and president.When I took her to the gallery,I could not bring myself to put her on the auction table.So placed her on the drink bar instead,as a festive,not for sale,decoration.All through the event people commmented about her and ask about her price to which continued to respond,"Oh she's not for sale".I'll have to make another one to ease my guilt over the fundraiser.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Jamaican Getaway

I spent the past weekend in beautiful Jamaica.I'm still reeling from the sites,scents and sounds of that beautiful island paradise.For 4 days,I was totally relaxed.I spent time knitting and reading on the beach.Whenever it got too hot,I'd put down my book or knitting and take a dip in the ocean.Sooo refreshing.
I got hooked on the local food specialties-Jerk Chicken,Pumpkin Soup,Curried Conch,Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Rum Punch.I was invited by a lady in my women's prayer group,whom I did not know very well.She could not get anyone else to go with her on short notice,so she ask me.Am I blessed or what? All inclusive resort vacation for a woman with no job.
She and I spent some time getting to know each other and I think we might have bonded and become new friends.Time will tell.
I took lots of pictures and I hope this trip will inspire my art work.I had uninterupted time to think and pray about things I want to do ,but have been to afraid to try.(I have a fear of failure)
I got lots of things in mind and maybe I'll get brave enough to put them out in blogland.

Check out these pics from the trip. This is a great place to knit read and think.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Getaway

I recently traveled to Detroit,Michigan to visit my parents,brothers,nieces and nephew.I was born and raised in Detroit and it is always great to visit and spend time with loved ones.One of the perks of visiting at the end of September is,the "American Sewing Expo".This is BIG FUN.My mom and her friends sew and we go to the event together.

Notice the bag we are holding,are empty,but by the time the we left,they were filled beyond capacity.

I also had the joyous opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman,whom I met on .Her name is Melody and she is absolutely charming.I must figure out a way to get her to move to Georgia.LOL.

I took a class by Louise Cutting,and learned so much.I already own some of her patterns and purchased 2 more.I shopped and shopped.Then after we left the expo,we went to "Joann Fabrics"and shopped some more.

Here are some of my goodies.Cool fabric and patterns.The green pieces are corduroy and the blue is rayon.I love indie patterns.I don't know where to start first.

I've cleaned up my sewing room and I'm all ready to swing into action.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I've been crocheting a shrug for my DD.I know it doesn't look to cool on the dress form and also I'm not finished yet.I have to add ruffles and sleeve bands according to the pattern.I'm following my first crochet pattern,so I'm a little excited.But I should warn you.I am an artist and the more I learn,the more I will toss into my work.After I get the basics down,then I will start to to add my own style.There is no telling what kind of monstrosities I might turn out.

Later,I will add a pic of my DD wearing the finished product.Maybe I can have it done by the end of the weekend.

I've been painting and collaging a new piece.It is also a work in progress.I'm stuck right now,so I thought I'd take a break.As usual,I got a few projects going on at once.

This is inspired by my shoe obsession.I love shoes but heres the thing.My feet are big.Excuse me,I mean ....BIG.(I wear size 11 and 12) Now don't get me wrong.There is nothing wrong with my self esteem or anything like that.In fact my issue is with shoe manufactures and designers.They don't seem to realize that there are plenty of big footed fashionistas,who want fashion forward shoes. I personally,know a lot of women who wear the same size shoe.We buy plenty of shoes and will buy plenty more as long as we can find our size.

Anyway,after an unsucessful day of shoe shopping.I came home with a bad attitude.After medicating myself with a bottle of beer and a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritoes,I began this painting/collage.I post it again when it's done.

I finished reading"Susannah's Garden".It was kinda boring .Now I'm reading this. So far so good.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hurray! I won an "Honorable Mention "award in an art show.I entered a soft sculpture doll,titled "Butterfly Painter".She's in a gallery right now.

I hope someone buys her.I need the money to buy more toys.Just the bare essentials,fabric,yarn,book,magazines and candy.

I'm working on crochet circles.I think there is a design for a cool tote bag,floating around in my head.I'll get that out later.Crocheting is so relaxing.I even do it at red lights.I think Im going to finally get up the nerve to follow a pattern.Now,if only I could pick one.

Here is my latest painting.It is also in a gallery.It is called "Rose"

This painting was inspired by my love of gardening.I was feeling sad,that I did'nt have a garden this year and my last roses have become a victim of the dreaded"Black Spot"disease.Maybe next year....hmmm.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Place Of My Own

I guess I'll start with my sewing room.It's not glamorous,but it's mine.It's small,messy and filled with on-going projects.This is where the creativity hits the fan.
I learn to sew from my mom,who is a craft fanatic.She has given me a lot of wonderful things for my craft studio.This is one of my favorites. A vintage dress form with a size 24 waist.My mom probably had this size waist before I came along.I don't think my waist was ever this small (I'm a plus babe) but, I still love it.
This is the painting area.I'm a mixed media artist.I have a few pieces in a gallery or two,from time to time.I should get more art out there but I'm terrible at time management.I spend more time watching TV and surfing the web,than I do creating.This is going to change.
This is the sewing area. I didn't bother to clean up,so please excuse the mess.I sew daily.I have a small sewing business.I do mostly, alterations.I don't really enjoy doing alterations but the money pays for my toys.
I love dolls.I've always loved dolls.I'll do introductions as I make new outfits for them.I've been browsing ebay for outfits and I'm amazed at the talent that's out there.
I'm a heavy reader.Beside my favorite magazines,this is what I'm reading. So far ,so good.I'm becoming a Debbie Macomber fan.
So that's all for now .

Tuesday, July 04, 2006