Sunday, June 03, 2007

The First 3 Swap Garments

Here are the results of the past week of sewing.My first 3 SWAP garments are finished.First up the linen blend one seam pants.3 rows of elastic at waist gives me a comfortable fit.The cut is designed to be a loose fit.The pattern is called "OneSEAMpants"by Cutting Line Designs.
Next is my "safari suit".The shirt is Vogue 2815 and the shorts are Simplicity 4068.The shorts have a zippered fly and side pockets.
Last is the kimono shirt from McCalls 5233.It is not part of the swap.I just wanted to finish it before I went on to more SWAP sewing.

It's been a good sewing week.Here's what I've learned:

  • Plan to spend at least 2 sessions cutting,marking and interfacing.
  • Squeeze in at least an hour a day for one week.(that's 7 hours.Cool)
  • Have all your supplies on hand.
  • Take your time.Do not sew when you are tired.
  • Use TNT (Tried N True) pattern if possible it save fitting time.

Thank you all for wishing me luck and giving me encouragement.I felt good knowing that my blog sisters are wishing me well.

Sew on to the next SWAP garments.