Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sewing "Style File

What inspire you to create? Do you have so many ideas,you can hardly decide what to do next?
I get inspired by many things.I read magazines,watch TV,surf the Internet and people watch.Most of my sewing projects are born from magazines.My favorite fashion mags are InStyle and Lucky.My favorite sewing mags are Threads and Vogue patterns.
I keep a "style file".This is the main tool that helps me to decide what to sew next.My "style file "is a huge notebook with removable plastic page holders.This allows me to remove the pages and take them to the fabric store.It also helps with accessory purchases.

I'll add swatches of fabric to pages after the garment has been completed.It's always fun and satisfying to look back and see looks I've copied and the money I've saved.

I know that many people have similar ways of keeping that sewing juice flowing.I love to hear about it.If you feel like sharing your "style file" or similar system,email me a picture with your tips.Put,"style file"in the subject box.I'll post them here with a link to your blog or site.

Don't leave me hanging.LOL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cool SWAP tops

Here is one of the tops from my SWAP.This is made from a linen blend from my stash.The ring for the closure,is recycled from an old handbag.The pattern is Vogue 7876. You can see it here .
The fabric has sequins scattered all over.I wore the top and found out a secret that most sewing folks,already know,sequins must be removed from all facings and any areas that touch the body.These little pretty babies cut me to shreds-well actually-some nasty little cuts under my arms.I came home,snatched it off and removed those sequins so fast it made my head spin.After that,I put it back on,and went about my business in total comfort.
The pattern was totally easy.I wanted to experiment with some different methods of closures,like my sewing heroine,Donna Ericson,hence the metal ring on the shirt.
This orange shirt did not turn out so well.There is some pulling across the top of the chest( could be the bra).I didn't notice it until I saw the picture.The first time I wore it open with a tank top underneath and it looked OK.It goes with this skirt .
It is made from a linen blend.It is so comfortable and breezy.I love bright color,so despite the fit,I'll be wearing it anyway,just not buttoned.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Midnight Musing

Some paintings sell and some don't.Here is one that didn't.I think I'll make a few changes and put it in a different gallery and see what happens.It is after midnight and I'm playing in paint.It's crazy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

SWAP Failure

Busy bee.That's me.I've been pouring most of my time into my doll making and paintings.It dulls the pain of failure,which was the result of not completing the "SWAP (sewing with a plan,PR contest).

I did complete the dolls in time to get them into the gallery by the deadline.This is Bud B.and Blossom B.Bumble bees of course.They haven't sold yet.If they don't sell from the gallery ,I'll try eBay with better pictures.

Yes,I'm guilty.I didn't finish the SWAP.

I'm sure you want to know ,why didn't I finish the SWAP? After some serious reflection,I found that,I just had too much on my plate.Too many projects going on,with too many deadlines.I also still have some time management issues.I'm not totally depressed about it though. I got a lot of sewing done and I put a nice dent in my fabric stash.The absolute best part is,I gained a coordinating wardrobe,which I have been happily wearing.It is so good to not struggle over what to wear with this and that.

I'll try a SWAP competition again some day but no time soon.I found that I missed being able to jump from sewing ,to painting,to doll making,to knitting,whenever I want.When doing a SWAP you've got to spend an enormous amount of time,sewing.I truly admire those ladies whom were successful in completing the competition.

I love my wardrobe.I've got a few more finished pieces to show you as soon as I can get DD to take a few pictures.