Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Got It From My Momma

My Mom,brother and two nieces came from Detroit to spend a week of "spring break "with me. My Mom always arrives bearing sewing goodies for me. This time was no different.She brought two huge boxes of books,patterns and notions.

My mother taught me how to sew when I was 13. I was a totally unwilling student of any needle arts,preferring instead,comic books and horror movies.I usually griped and complained through every minute of the sewing process.However I did manage to create a couple of wearable items,under her instruction. During her recent visit she gave me one of my earliest pattern purchases. I'm not putting a date on this but some of you may remember when you had one in your closet. I was wearing that red jumpsuit proudly back then. Looking back now,I probably look a bit like a tomato pincushion.LOL
I'm glad she had the patience to teach me the craft that I now enjoy.You know it,"Mother knows best". Here are a few of the fantastic collection of vintage sewing books she gave me.
Some people read novels before bed,I read sewing books,magazines and pattern instruction sheets.I love the older sewing books.They cover every detail from A to Z. The Crochet book list 500 stitch designs.This is just a small peek at what my Mom brought.There is also a series of books(12) called 'The Art Of Sewing"by TimeLife. I'm still browsing the stacks.Thanks Mom.

I'm Back

I've had an incredibly hectic few weeks (art festival organizing,judging art competitions,work and family visiting) which kept me away from blog land,but I kept on sewing through it all. Sewing was a real stress reliever in these past weeks. I made sure to spend time each day in my sewing room. Sometimes I'd just browse through my sewing books or patterns and unwind.

This pattern is an oldie but a goodies.I purchased this pattern last summer.
Here is my version.No adjustments were needed. I wore it to work the next day.
Next up is a pattern that is almost exactly the same style.I purchased this pattern last month.

I used a printed chiffon from my stash and lined the body with batiste,leaving the sleeves and ruffles sheer. Sorry for the dark picture.
I finally my jeans back from being on display at Hancock Fabrics.Model garments are on display for six weeks. I used this awesome pattern.

I used this pattern for my jacket.
Here's my version. I wore it today for a media interview and art show reception.
Here is the back view of the jeans.
This is my first time sewing jeans and believe me,I will be doing it again! I love them. They fit so well and are totally comfortable. No compromises.
My friend Faye came to the art reception and after we had coffee and "sewing talk". She had a bag of fabulous fabrics and shared her plans for upcoming sewing adventures. I can't wait to see the finished fashions. I've got to catch up reading her blog and all my other favorites.I have missed y'all.
I've got a lot more to share but I'm sleepy.Plenty more to come tomorrow.