Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swap Progress

Here the dress for the swap and a skirt.I got DD to take the picture between rain drops.Please excuse the wrinkles.I wore the dress all day.
The dress is made from a embroidered cotton from my stash and the skirt is a linen blend.I used the top from this Simplicity pattern and the bottom from this Vogue pattern.

I added lace between the bodice and skirt which hides the elastic.Both dress originally feature a back zipper.I eliminated this by making the skirt a little bigger,creating gathers.The added elastic allows it to pull in closer to the body.It is so comfortable.The skirt is a TNT.I made the one shown in yellow on the pattern package.
Its raining again today so I guess I'll spend more time in the sewing room.
I'm getting real nervous about finishing the swap.I'm really far behind.Six down,5 pieces to go.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Great Saturday

I found all my specialty feet and their uses at this site. You are right,Cidell.Thank you.
Looks like there will be some artistic sewing in my future.

I went to my LYS(local yarn shop) today,for a sit and stitch session.I had a wonderful time.There were seven other knitters,all more advanced than me.This month marks one year since I learn how to knit.One of the other knitters has been knitting for one year and has made 2 sweaters,12 scarfs,6 handbags,4 baby blankets,2 pair of socks and a prayer shawl.She also spins and dyes her own yarn.My year of knitting produced 2 scarves (I finished the one pictured below,today.) and the nightmare sweater.
Here are some of the dolls I've been sewing.There are works in progress,not finished yet.Featured here are the twins,a queen bee,lady bug,butterfly,and dragonfly.All the bugs have hand painted faces and the twins have a bit of embroidery lips and noses.I'll be selling these dolls during the Summer Artist's Market. hope they sell.I could use some $$ for fabric and the new fall patterns.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Last Saturday's Yard Sale Finds

I love yard sales and flea markets.I usually find some cool goodies with out spending a lot of $$.Last Saturday I went to a yard sale and found a cute little sewing box with a group of sewing feet inside.

I payed $1.00 for all this.I didn't know if they would fit my sewing machine but at this price I couldn't lose.I rushed home and tried them on my favorite baby and they fit just right.Know,I've got to figure out what they are used for. I know one is a ruffle foot and one is to fold and attach bias strips.I'll have to take a trip to the sewing machine shop ad find out.I can't wait.I'll have some time to do it tomorrow.
Tomorrow,I plan to go to my local yarn store for their"sit and knit".I hoping to make a knitting friend.From 11am to 1pm you can come in and sit and knit or crochet,while listening to relaxing music,in the company of others who do the same.Every since I bought my Stitch n Bitch book,I've been in search of a group of my own.I'm knitting my second scarf.I'm still fairly new to knitting.I completed one scarf which I started after my initial knitting lessons.After that,I thought I was hot stuff and started a sweater without a gauge swatch.I used the wrong sized needle and the wrong type of yarn for the project.It turned out awful.However,I do learn from my mistakes,so it's not a total loss.I going to keep the sweater as a reminder of what not to do.Maybe a before and after photo one fine knitting day in the future.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Progress Report

I have been a bad blogger.I apologize for not posting for such a long period.I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs.I wonder how others manage to update daily and give so much detail on a regular basis? I really need better time management skills.
Here is what I've been up to.I'm still working on my SWAP items.I've finished 3 more pieces.One dress,a top and a skirt.I didn't have any problems with the skirt and top,but,the dress was a nightmare.It sent me into a panic because of fitting problems.I did a full bust alteration on this pattern.This was the first time ever.

I used the top part of the sleeveless dress pictured on this pattern.The problem was that after I re-drew the pattern cutting lines,I neglected to adjust the wrap placement markings and the "V" was at the top of my neck and the shoulders were pulling forward.I was rushing and did not try it on until I completed was almost completed.I used the bottom part of this Vogue pattern view B.(the purple dress)
I added to the sides and made it way too big.Never sew when you are tired or sleepy ! I had to take the dress apart and almost start from the beginning.After a good night's sleep,started again.I know my dress doesn't look anything like either pattern but I think it turned out OK.I'll post pictures later.
I've been working on a bunch of dolls for an upcoming arts & craft market,as well paintings for my show in September.I have ten dolls in different stages toward completion at this time.I have three paintings going on at once.
So you can see why,I need "time management skills".I've been told to "choose one thing and stick with it"but I won't.I love to sew,paint and make dolls(it combines sewing and painting).
Well,it is late and I'm sleepy.I'll post a few pictures tomorrow.