Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Jamaican Getaway

I spent the past weekend in beautiful Jamaica.I'm still reeling from the sites,scents and sounds of that beautiful island paradise.For 4 days,I was totally relaxed.I spent time knitting and reading on the beach.Whenever it got too hot,I'd put down my book or knitting and take a dip in the ocean.Sooo refreshing.
I got hooked on the local food specialties-Jerk Chicken,Pumpkin Soup,Curried Conch,Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Rum Punch.I was invited by a lady in my women's prayer group,whom I did not know very well.She could not get anyone else to go with her on short notice,so she ask me.Am I blessed or what? All inclusive resort vacation for a woman with no job.
She and I spent some time getting to know each other and I think we might have bonded and become new friends.Time will tell.
I took lots of pictures and I hope this trip will inspire my art work.I had uninterupted time to think and pray about things I want to do ,but have been to afraid to try.(I have a fear of failure)
I got lots of things in mind and maybe I'll get brave enough to put them out in blogland.

Check out these pics from the trip. This is a great place to knit read and think.