Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Getaway

I recently traveled to Detroit,Michigan to visit my parents,brothers,nieces and nephew.I was born and raised in Detroit and it is always great to visit and spend time with loved ones.One of the perks of visiting at the end of September is,the "American Sewing Expo".This is BIG FUN.My mom and her friends sew and we go to the event together.

Notice the bag we are holding,are empty,but by the time the we left,they were filled beyond capacity.

I also had the joyous opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman,whom I met on .Her name is Melody and she is absolutely charming.I must figure out a way to get her to move to Georgia.LOL.

I took a class by Louise Cutting,and learned so much.I already own some of her patterns and purchased 2 more.I shopped and shopped.Then after we left the expo,we went to "Joann Fabrics"and shopped some more.

Here are some of my goodies.Cool fabric and patterns.The green pieces are corduroy and the blue is rayon.I love indie patterns.I don't know where to start first.

I've cleaned up my sewing room and I'm all ready to swing into action.